My friend wanted the army to go, and has become a legend in the recruiting office

I have one friend — a gay guy named Serge. Loves the noisy company, perfectly plays the guitar, knows a lot of funny jokes. At the time, honestly I served in airborne troops. And he has a beloved wife — a petite woman, works as a nurse and therefore conscripted.

One after another get-togethers in a fun and Serge came home, to put it mildly, in a good mood. The wife, naturally, this trick without attention not left. After a half-hour of scandal my friend could not stand, took voennik and pointedly slammed the door. Serge went straight into the army. After some time, returned home furious than ever.

The wife did not understand, but beloved spouse once explained everything. Came to the military enlistment office, put voennik on the table and urged to take him to Chechnya. Officers in the document looked stunned. Ask:

— You sure?

Yes, definitely take!

— Are you sure?

— Absolutely! I figured it out!

The officers looked at him quizzically, and one of them says:

We, of course, different here seen. But the husband his wife at hot spots drove like never before!



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