As our people pass psychological tests in a foreign land

A couple of years ago I moved to Germany. The first time I traveled to the Russian rights, but then still had to retake. The whole complexity of the retake is that the Germans have a rather peculiar style of riding, which is difficult to get used to our people. If not passed the driving test on the third attempt, sent on a special psychological test to check if everything is in order with your head.

On one of these mulligans, they met a countryman who told me a funny story. Was he a friend from Russia, who also tried to re-apply for rights, but to no avail. Sent it to the same psychological test. Issues there quite interesting. For example, he was asked to put three small ball at each other. It should be noted that attempts to perform this job are equal to mental disorders or even dementia.

But the hero of our history is not lost. At this unusual request, he boldly replied:

— Easy!

Took inventory, got a mouth full of chewed the cud and divided it into several parts, glued the balls and glued them to the table. The test is passed, our hero is happy, the Germans are in shock.

Because only our people can find a way out of any situation!



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