10 stories about grandparents, in which a whole lot of love and humor

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Life is short, so do not take everything too seriously. So if you met a couple of elderly pranksters, don't be surprised and tell us about them, as do the users of popular Internet resources.

Site prochitaite about the wonderful grandparents and picked out those that will cheer you up.

  • I recently failed the interview and was very angry at myself. I was approached by a grandfather a hug and said, "Grandson, you have the education, experience, a stable life, and you're upset? I grew up after the war, and I didn't have any of this, but I found my calling and work. You will find, just give yourself time. Nothing happens instantly". How do these people have so much wisdom and peace?
  • Watched grandpa sneaked up behind the grandmother with a bouquet of flowers. One closed her eyes and said, "Who?"She sweet answered, "gray, My love," and he gave her a bouquet.

  • Today in the bus met an old man 70 years old, he out went with candy and flowers. Asks: "I get to a certain spot?"He driver said, "Yes." He: "Well, I was there the beloved is waiting." And happy like this.
  • I zaochke have a classmate that is already 60 years old, but she wants to get a second degree because her 5-year-old grandson has decided that he wants when he grows up, to go to Italy. So she entered the faculty of Philology and teaches Italian, then to teach my grandson! Is this not true love?
  • Today I went to the bus and saw a middle-aged couple. Grandmother from something that screamed at his mate, but he, undaunted, took her, placed her on his knees and in a whisper said, "You promised me not to fight," and so they rode in silence to the next stop. Nothing more wonderful than I have ever seen.

  • Two years ago my late grandfather gave me his favorite book. Today I decided to read it. Found it a little tipped-in envelope with 500 rubles and a note: "When bored, buy yourself a couple of chocolates".
  • Sitting in the barbershop. Hairdresser cuts her grandfather, and next on the bench is his wife. And this couple in the room shot each other with sarcasm. And suddenly at one point the grandmother was offended and started crying, he came over, hugged her, kissed on the cheek and said she was the most beautiful and priceless diamond in his life. That's love!
  • Came to the grandmother with the grandfather. I was sitting at the table in front of me sits my grandfather, and at the stove grandma is baking pancakes. And then my grandfather said, "Let's granddaughter will show you how we can!"Grandma suddenly throws off the griddle pancake over his shoulder to his grandfather, and the dish catches! People in their 70s, and have not forgotten how to have fun.

  • Walked once in the Park and saw the situation. Grandpa put grandma on his shoulders, so that she could get not yet broken beautiful sprigs of lilacs. When grandpa rose, I farted. A grandmother to him through the laughter: "Grandfather, I and so sick, no need to fly." And be touched, and whinnying half an hour.
  • Came to grandma and grandpa's to visit. Grandma me immediately to the kitchen took to feed. "Grandma and grandpa?""He is gone, vanished in the sound of the echo flowing water, he's not here..."— she said quietly and looked down at the floor. I'm confused, shook all do... And then from the bathroom came the voice of his grandfather: "an old Woman, I'll head and share! I in oblivion will go after you!»

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