Quality skewers


Any cooking is impossible without a reliable barbecue grill. They should not bend, rust, lose sharpness. All quality products are collected on the website http://stream-market.com.ua/shampura. There are different models, in particular, angle stainless steel, with wooden handle and so on.

Features shampurov each item describes technical and operational characteristics, there are photos. Features of products:
  • Varies blade length: 40 cm 50, 60 and so on.
  • Thickness. It is small, it was convenient to work. For example, 10, 12 mm and so on.
  • Is set and the thickness of the steel, for example, 3 mm.
  • Mass. If you buy a set, it specifies the weight and technical parameters of each individual product

Most often, buyers choose a more simple model is not only stainless steel, but same handle. But today, designers offer interesting options, with a handle made of wood that will ensure that the handle does not heat up, it will be easy to hold, it will not slip off, the tree will allow you to cook any meat as much time as you need without fear of over heating.

Long service life selenazoline, it's beneficial and inexpensive acquisition. The skewer does not require special care, enough to keep it clean and dry after each use to eliminate the risk of rust. Prolonged contact with water is undesirable, even if the material is stainless steel. But, in fact, that all the requirements for storage and care.

The sharpness of the blade is maintained for years, regardless of frequency of use. Many people buy the set once and use it for many years, with no complaints about the quality. The metal surface is smooth, does not contain pores, microcracks, it is perfectly polished. It's not just the aesthetic requirements for appearance, but also a practical necessity, as on the smooth surface to a lesser extent accumulate food residues, respectively, flora and other pathogenic bacteria will not breed actively.

Set — the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones, as these gifts are universal, they come in handy in any home. Almost every man at least once in your life roasted meat and vegetables on the grill.

Skewers are always maliciously always in stock, more info you will find in the directory. Also you can just buy the whole set for easier operation. For example, useful to stand in the ground for 6, 8 skewers. Products do not lose their shape, do not deform even under multiple transports, but for the convenience of transportation there are special protective covers made of synthetic materials or thick textiles.



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