Top 9 stereotypes about wedding decorators: whether to follow them

1. Three in one

The first thing you need to know about wedding decorators — you can't have everything. There is no way that was cheap, fast and beautiful, always have to sacrifice something. By choosing the option "cheap and quickly," it won't be what was intended. For the "fast and luxurious" have to pay a considerable amount. "Nice and cheap" — for a long time. This is the essence of the work of the decorators.

We should not trust the decorators that promise for a short time and small price to make your wedding perfect. It does not happen, do not repeat the mistakes of others. Referring to the Agency two weeks prior to the celebration, be prepared for the fact that you have to pay for urgency. After all, the team needs to drop all current cases to go to your event.

2. The decorators always have the catalog with the finished design

Had the impression that every decorator must be a directory with ready-made ideas. Through which you within hours to determine design. Because of this opinions comes up another misconception – about the price.

Asking the question "How much will it cost to order a design?", the pair expects to hear a clear rates, but disclosed the amount of the minimum budget, and often the cost of individual items. The answer is because for the decorator each wedding is unique. The concept depends on many factors, selected the different individual parts. Therefore, the directory in principle can not be. As for the portfolio — this is just an example, not a ready design.

3. The designer does not necessarily show venue

Inspection of the venue is one of the most important stages in the preparation of the wedding design. Professionals prefer to conduct this step together with the photographers to select the best angle, lighting, position of an object. During the inspection capacity is defined, measured, created different schemes, a "Seating plan" guests and thought out the possibility of implementing the concept.

4. Designers do not need to feed

Installation of ready-made sets is challenging and time-consuming process. Often the designers arrive at the venue for 6-8 hours, or overnight. Some of them remain on the site throughout the celebration, to eliminate the force majeure, or fixes minor bugs. Of course, they want to eat. This situation obliges one to put them to the table, but the basic buffet, with drinks and snacks is required.

5. The designer is omnipotent and can alter the entire design, even for the hour before the ceremony

As mentioned earlier, the design is produced for a long time and the ideas that come to mind of customers at the last moment, impossible to implement. Designers always go forward, ordering extra napkins or boxes. But panic of the idea of the bride before the celebration of the "wedding in a classic style, and traditional, main color is blue and green" it is impossible to implement even a week before the wedding.

6. Bigger is better

A very important volume of decoration if the flowers will be littered with everything, and the design used too many small parts, riddled in the eyes — it will not look aesthetically pleasing. Get that beautiful wedding where every detail is unique, blending harmoniously with the concept, using high quality material. Because first of all the decoration of the celebration —the bride and groom themselves.

7. Real wedding decor – balloons, chair covers and tablecloths

In Soviet times there was a kind of tradition that these three elements just need to be present in the decor. But time does not stand still and today's wedding design consists of many elements, as presented above not be used.

Listen to the opinion of a decorator, because he understands the current trends and help you choose an individual design without any unnecessary components. A deliberate combination of elements of decor — the key to harmonious design of the celebration.

8. Decorators have to work without payment

When the designers at the first meeting voiced the prepayment amount that it causes confusion, and in some cases resentment. The amount may differ significantly from the prepayment photographers, stewards, or Toastmasters. The price must be fixed or a percentage of the previously approved estimate.

This is due to the fact that materials are purchased in advance, you also need to pay for the services of subcontractors. Moreover, it is the insurance policy for the designer so that he was left "with nothing" if at some point the couple will decide to change the decorator.

9. With decorators it is possible to work without a contract

No one professional will not work without a contract. Honeymoon is a guarantee that the designer will not refuse the order. So all this routine work with papers, should rejoice, and not to frighten. After all, this is an important sign of quality of order execution.

The agreement spells out the points for both sides, such as: date, time in Assembly and disassembly, the use of photos and other important points. Carefully read the terms of agreement because of the failure of at least one item it is expected the penalty.

One of the most important rules for a perfect wedding is to allow the decorator to work, to allow him "to do." Choose a decorator you need to not only close in style, but in spirit, because then he would be able to trust fully. The credibility of the designer will be an important step to a flawless execution of the holiday.


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