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Walk on water is not miracle.

The miracle is to walk on earth and feel

really living right now.

And smile...

The Thich Nhat Hanh


Everything we've considered so far was pretty traditional. Ie seriously argue with all the above I would not think any doctor. But now is the time to take advantage of several techniques that most of the representatives of official medicine did not consider or just starting to think about using them as a possible means of influence on the human body (psychosomatics). The impetus for these positive changes are as not strange discoveries of evidence-based science.

Fifty three million two hundred seventy nine thousand five hundred fifty five

In this article I will only touch the most "physical" methods, in which the body acts as a direct object of attention, and ways of influencing it are in the field of thoughts, feelings, emotions and human energy.

Is widely represented this view in the works of such famous and popular psychologists like Mirzakarim sanakulovich Norbekov and Valery Sinelnikov.

Have Mirzakarim of Sanakulovich contains a lot of valuable various Eastern teachings and practices, in particular Sufism. It is in my opinion a unique person, which makes for many, most importantly — gives them such a kick on the stereotypical Western worldview in which "healing the impossible," that it is bursting at the seams.

At one time he helped me his books, in order to bring down the stereotypes, or at least to think seriously about whether it is unambiguous taken me on faith views about the device and interaction between the outside world and my body, as well as the book of Peter Demianovich Ouspensky, a Russian philosopher, Theosophist, occultist. He is in the beginning of the 20th century explored the potential of a synthesis of psychology, esoterism, leading to a higher level of awareness in a person's life.

So, being a disciple of the famous mystic, Ouspensky published a number of works of Gurdjieff, such as "In search of the miraculous". George Ivanovich Gurdjieff studied various spiritual traditions (including Sufism, Buddhism, and Eastern Christianity) were collected fragments of ancient knowledge, sometimes even "resorting to archaeological excavations", as well as folklore (in particular, dance and music) visited countries. Was an iconic figure in Russian and European philosophy and the esoteric.

OSHO on Gurdjieff "Gurdjieff was not a normal human being. It should be taken as the exception, not the rule. No one should try to follow him, because he'll get in trouble. This kind of man not to follow this kind of person needs to be born. The life of such people you can understand...".

These books I would also recommend you to expand the consciousness, not blind adherence to these theories, but to simply understand and fully accept one simple thing – THERE are many MORE POINTS of VIEW ON the WORLD AND REALITY THAN you THINK.

But back to Mirzakarim Sanakulovich, he succeeded in my opinion is very important to adapt the Sufi practices and esoteric experience to the modern worldview of Western man. There are both ardent proponents and opponents of such an approach. Do not undertake to judge about it, will list only what I have benefited and describe his personal experience. Again – main thing I took away from his books for me was breaking stereotypes.

Focus on one simple and useful, with regard to the investigated disease, the method. Which will allow you to begin to feel the relationship of your physical body and emotions.


A muscular corset and a smile.

First, please read the excerpt from the book by M. S. norbekova "experience of the fool or the path to enlightenment."

"One day, my colleague, pointing to one patient, said, "This person is healthy". I don't believe because you know him well. This former Minister, who for many years suffered from advanced forms of Parkinson's disease. It's brain damage, you know? One of the symptoms of the disease manifests in these patients in the absence of facial expressions.

The face becomes a mask. Examining it in full, came to the conclusion that he is healthy. I started to ask: "Where and how You were treated?"He told me about some Temple, but, to be honest, I did not attach much importance. Although recorded some time safely forget about it.

The following year, during a routine inspection we found that he was joined by four more respected dudes. They are many years suffered from an incurable disease, and now, it was "Shine". It turns out that a retired Minister is also sent hood, where he recovered. Now I was seriously puzzled. All this did not fit into the framework of my belief system, developed over years of practice. This time I questioned in detail and carefully recorded.

It turned out that in the mountains there is a Temple of fire Worshippers, where every forty days take a group of people, eager to cure, mainly in the summer because in the winter there is impossible to reach. I have matured the decision to go there and see with my own eyes how miraculous healing occurs. We agreed to go together with my buddies: Director and cameraman. They worked at the national television did a program "the World around us."

On the appointed day to night got to the meeting place. Our car left. Transport for further movement, we promised to provide. And suddenly we learn that this mode of transport — donkeys. Leads to the Temple mountain road and is supposed to be 26 km to walk or ride on donkeys. But as we came last of all, the three of us got two ass. I started a campaign attack. Say: "have You ever in the mountains on foot went? Let's try".

The operator was a very heavy man, weighing 130 kg with five chins and a huge paunch. But, despite this, the romantic in him was still alive. Therefore, the majority of votes we are the first obstacle successfully overcome. They loaded on donkeys all the equipment and off we went. First I started crying because I was in urban shoes, which is very soon worn. Legs started to hurt. But I still went and thought: "Once these patients are cured, then, writing each recipe, I'm in town will be a great doctor." And then, after ten miles, the operator sat in the middle of the road and said:

— Everything! Though kill, I will go back. We tried to persuade:

— What's the difference where to go? Back you go, the same 10 km will have to stomp that forward. So better go!

Persuaded. We came around midnight. We were placed, arranged. The next day woke up at 11 o'clock. Gathered all say:

— We ask you in our Church do not sin who fails to comply with a request to help us on the farm — carry water.

It turns out that sin in this Temple is considered to go gloomy. Then, I drew attention to the monks. They go with such an easy smile and a mill have smooth-smooth, like cypress, to be exact, as if the stick is swallowed. So we should smile all the time.

We all listened a little poulybalsya, and in two minutes the old habit of going with the city face, always sour and unhappy, took over. And anyway, I was expecting to see the gilded domes and the like, and there are neat little houses and all. However, they have a constantly burning fire. They worship fire and Sun. But the Temple does not look like. It so happened that the monks found a place where the ground beyond the natural gas, and here on the cliff top founded his Church. I started to ask:

— When will start to accept patients, diagnose? When you start to treat?

Learn. It turns out that there is generally no accepted and not treated. This was my first shot. Second, our transport, i.e. donkeys, took home. With such trunks, as we do, will not go far. Caught! Moreover, that was in the Temple, where no one never treated and treated is not going to leave and can't! Yes, you need to go with a stupid smile on my face when everything inside is boiling with anger and annoyance! See the operator somehow stares at me as if up to something. And the Director with irony in my address:

— Where have you brought us, the scientist you unfortunate?..

And I myself-then what?!!! Then came the concerts. Fifteen of the thirty immediately went for water. I also went because... well, you know why! I had to go "help the economy". Sheer vertical rock six hundred metres and the serpentine 4 miles there and 4 miles back. It is at such and such a road we went up here last night?! When I saw it, my miscarriage happened! Represent?

Moreover, this vertical wall is taller than the Ostankino tower, and even in some places we walked on logs, pocketed the rock. These logs were acting as movable bridges, blocking at the time, the enemy the path to the Temple. It is necessary to carry sixteen gallons of water, five pounds weighed in at the pitcher. In total, up a road we had to pull a 21 kg. Preferred in such circumstances to carry the load on his head. It was then that I learned about the true purpose of the spine. I went the first time and returned to the Temple about four-five in the evening, very tired but with a smile on my face just in case of fire.

Suddenly comes up to me one of the monks, and so affably says:

— Go again.

— How?!!! I already went!!! I feel terrified I begin to have labor pains, despite the fact that I'm a man!

— When You rose, You are already carrying with them a sin.

— No, I was smiling! — out of desperation I began to argue. Imagine, just 8 km to go, before — 26 km, no dinner, no Breakfast, no lunch. Legs broken, swollen, buzzing from exhaustion, and you say "again"! Die!!!

— Come on, we have something to show.

In one of the Windows I saw the observer with binoculars and realized that the bickering is meaningless. Everybody who was climbing with a load, he was at a glance. I had to go back. I went down and from time to time, remembering his folly, furiously screaming: "Ah-Ah-Ah...!!!"Got into a place where idiots sit and mock me.!!

Now I smiled a brutal smile, and everyone said, "Smile, you idiot, they are on top of the telescope looking! For advice pour half a liter of water in my pitcher." Now in my bowl is something splashed. I sat a little, to cheer, and went back. So that is why, when I asked my patients how they were treated, they smile left to answer: "you Know, it's hard to explain".

Before the gates I caught myself on the fact that it's dark, but I smile. Well, well, and then suddenly they still have night vision?! Hungry, exhausted, barely dragged herself to his cell and only breathed a sigh of relief, removing the idiotic smile off your face (face wearily!), when suddenly he felt someone's gaze. Heart skipped a beat. Again stretching her mouth to my ears, I spun around and saw... Who do You think? Himself!

It turns out, on the wall hung a mirror. The face was haggard, dusty, with traces of rivulets of sweat and unnaturally wide smile. Then to me became hysterical. I can't help and laughed out loud. Got lockjaw, her stomach, and I could not calm down. I laughed at the absurdity of the situation, which itself was created. The noise came running, my buddies, the operator with the Director, and I also started laughing, and then laugh enough, something strange began to glance at me. Every day people carry water, becoming less and less. And a week later there was none. Then we gathered and talking:

— Thank you for bringing light to our Temple. If you need water, you can take her there.

Open the gate to the Temple and point to a stone house. Guest part was separated from the monastic site wall. It turns out that inside this house there is a spring. They built it to winter, the spring would not freeze.

And a pitcher with water is specially invented method of bringing the simple truth to brains through legs. It turns out that everyone who comes to this Temple, thought themselves clever, everyone had their own ambitions. To make us all superficial, the Ministers of the Temple have invented such method of "treatment" of arrogance. I, too, came with its Charter, well-read, stuffed with knowledge and some abilities that others do not have. They were assholes, and I'm so smart! Just a week out of me, too, "extort" all the crap. In one week, they made me human!

There I met up with yourself. I again became interested in flowers, insects, ants. On all fours crawling, watched them go, fingering legs. I thought I was alone suddenly felt like a child. Watch, with others undergoing the same things. We forgot all their grades, and the most interesting thing noticed when everyone is smiling, the facial expressions of the city, once familiar to us now began to be perceived as a deviation. You ever seen that adults were playing children's games? Funny, huh? While we played.

It was generally for us the natural state. Then I started to pay attention to what people were saying: "I feel better. I got better". I've linked it to the weather, the nature... mountains all the same! Then came to the conclusion that the secret is associated with the facial expressions and posture. On the fortieth day I have come to the Abbot of the Temple and said, "I want to stay here."

— Son, you're young. Don't think we're good. The monks here, weak people. They are not able to remain pure among a mud. They are not adapted to life, son, and forced to flee from difficulties. We exist to ensure that you could get further in the soul to bring the light. You are strong, you have immunity. I started to say something, and then, in the end, said, "But I'm probably the only one of the group who came to You."

— You're one of the latter.

It turns out that almost all of our group have already visited the Abbot for permission to stay. Understand? Forty days later we left the Temple. On the way back we met a group of people, people who need healing as we are forty days ago. Holy smoke! What a face! It was a crowd of ogres that attacked us:

— Helped? How sick? What gives? And all helps? I replied:

— Everyone will get what they deserve! Look at us — on them, on us — on them. We all smile... Suddenly felt moved. And they, too, somehow shy like lepers. Next to me, leaning on the hands of his sons, stood eighty years old. He said: "Really we were the same?!"When I came to town, saw a crowd of callous, indifferent, totally indifferent people who are eternally somewhere in a hurry, do not know where and why. It was very hard again to get used to the city lifestyle. Something in me changed forever. I suddenly felt in the theater of the absurd, and the life flowing in the city seemed empty and worthless. It was impossible to look at these faces.»

Thirty five million forty thousand nine hundred ten

Let's consider the key points of this story:

1. The characters experienced a complete revaluation of values and breaking of stereotypes, i.e. people got rid of what was filled with their mind, by the rigid formulation in non-standard conditions. Pupils were lost the same Way as the past (including social stereotypes), and all the energy which was directed to support it was released and was aimed at restoring the body.

2. Characters mastered the habit of introspection and mindfulness. People watching their own muscles and consciously selects the desired position of the body. In fact, this concentration and dynamic meditation.

3. Was given the opportunity to experience the interrelationship of emotions and memory of the body, for example, smile, sensual experience to feel the very essence of muscle. And to be trained to enter a certain emotional state by certain physical effort.


This is a fairly simple exercise (to maintain good posture and smile) it makes sense to perform it daily for 15-20-30 minutes, this will allow you to improve your posture, emotional state and learn to watch myself. Combine this practice with a "full breath". And you will double the positive result.

Among other things, you will gradually strengthen your muscle corset, straighten the spine (it makes sense to go first rate chiropractic care to all the bones to put in place) and acquire "posture of the Winners."

Besides, maybe this will be the first small but noticeable victory your will over habits and beliefs. Maybe not all at once, have the courage and opportunity to visit this Temple, but to change the worldview that led to the disease, in my opinion absolutely necessary.published  


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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