Multiple sclerosis. Cleansing the body. Part 3

There are many methods for cleansing the body, it tells quite a large number of authors, for example, Gennady Malakhov. The cycle of his books on Fasting and cleansing is widely known and applied. If more young healthy body at the first diagnosis is not very important, it is assumed that the main bodies work like a clock, and there are only the first signs of illness.

In later years it can greatly contribute to your recovery. Immediately I say, that we should not engage in self-cleaning during the clinical exacerbation of multiple sclerosis, as any such purification is akin to a small operation, and will only worsen your situation. Another essential factor in this type of intervention is your comprehensive awareness and conscious to do with it.

There are a number of simple techniques allowing to clean the intestines, liver, kidneys, fluid environment of the body, and in that order.

Heavy metals.

It is necessary to conduct a blood test and possibly even hair analysis to determine the levels of heavy metals in the body. In the case of a very high level, it is necessary to carry out detoxification.


Poser (1986, 1993) found that vaccination may be an important factor in the formation and development of MS. Taking into account the fact that vaccines induce immune responses, it is also clear that they can affect the BBB and cause CNS inflammation (optionally exacerbation). Poser (1986) made reference to cases where vaccination resulted in a PC. The most plausible explanation is that the vaccine causes a decisive "impact" attacked the central nervous system. Personally, I prefer to avoid vaccinations (including flu shots), except in cases of extreme necessity.

Work with a physical body. Multiple sclerosis. Cleansing the body. Part 3

Daily routine.

In my opinion disability secret is simple - get enough sleep

. Waking up at dawn just physiologic, and if you do not have enough time to sleep, it is better to go to bed earlier.

Dreams in addition to physical rest contain a huge potential for recreation and restoration of emotional state, contribute to a better study itself. In a dream scenario, we lose our reality - is a very important aspect of interaction with the world

. A significant advantage is brought daily and alleys in nature. Contemplation, meditation, and fresh air are to relieve stress, sensory and emotional enrichment.

Regular food includes soups in one and the same time contribute to the restoration of the gastrointestinal tract.

Again reservation that neither diet nor the rejection of "bad habits" or compliance with strict regime of the day should not be for you a source of additional stress.

There should be very careful to treat their emotions. Interference in compliance with all three factors should not cause you to a storm of indignation and self-limiting process itself should not become an end in itself.

You should strive for this, but at the same time, do not be attached to the result, do not create dependency. Remember that changing the conscious habits takes some time. At the end of their purchase, you've spent all my life. Easy Be aware that inattention and disregard for the body will lead to the fact that you have a very long time to accumulate the necessary for healing and full restoration of vital energy.

In each case, just make a conscious choice in favor of nature, high-quality food and respect for the body.

Work with a physical body. Multiple sclerosis. Cleansing the body. Part 3

Physical activity during an exacerbation.

There are various views and recommendations in this regard from the indispensable pastel mode at the time of exacerbation recommended by our local physicians to visit bath and forced occupation on simulators than successfully engaged in many of my American friends.

The truth, as always somewhere in between.

However, in my experience, during an exacerbation will correct all the same to minimize physical stress.

The maximum benefit during this period will bring you the following types of physical activity: sex, gentle massage, charging and brief walks, filled with positive emotions

. To create a favorable environment for the body out of the aggravation, our initial goal should be diligent collection of positive and joyful emotions.

Enjoy your life, notice the amazing trivia and coincidences occurring in it. Watch over her, admire, learn to re-experience the joy. Stay children. Most of those who are now drawn to me for advice, lost the opportunity to have forgotten how to do it in principle.

Walking - this is a unique opportunity to be closer to him. More often be alone, give yourself time. Meditate, analyze what led to the situation with health that you currently see in your life, what are your thoughts and actions.

Work with a physical body. Multiple sclerosis. Cleansing the body. Part 3

Physical activity at a time "when all is well».

Physical activity during the period of stable remission, at least after the symptoms have passed all previous exacerbations are no different from a healthy person loads, with a small amendment to a gentle exercise regime.

If sport promotes better disclosure of you as a person and you enjoy the course to deal with it: swimming pool, yoga, dancing, hiking (do not start immediately with the ascent of Elbrus, ascend a couple of years), ai ki up, biking, horseback riding, the acting skill (who does not believe that this is a special exercise just never done it).

Work with a physical body. Multiple sclerosis. Cleansing the body. Part 3

Let's take a look at yet another success story that on one of the forums published Natalia N., I consider it necessary to publish all the material in its entirety. (The author's style, punctuation and meaning fully preserved).

"I am fully recovered. I beg all my statements taken as a personal opinion of the individual based solely on experience. On their own skin, so to speak. I am not a doctor. I do not aspire to someone in something persuade. And I do not set a goal before someone cure. Just I am going to share my personal experience, because I know firsthand what it means to be very sick and in need of reliable information, based on common sense rather than on the achievements of modern medicine. When at one time I was on the next consultation with a specialist, I heard the following: "Well, you have just a phenomenon! If I did not have before the eyes of your pictures (6 detailed MRI), for what would not believe your story. " I said in response: "If you want I'll tell you what I was doing?". She waved her hand: "No way. I have an opinion. I have 20 years experience in the PC. " I did not insist, but, to put it mildly, was struck: who you are, dear, cured over the 20 years that so confidently dismisses the move a positive experience, because it can be useful to someone

? Frankly, I sympathize with the doctors. Many of them are hard workers, many save lives. But as chronic degenerative diseases ... In the vast majority jammed chemistry. Will remove or ease their symptoms, but only just. Such diseases modern medicine is simply not treated. I'm not talking here about the treatment process and the result. Have you ever wondered about the words "cease and maybe more?" As it turns out that sometimes just enough to lie down or distracted and somehow everything calms down. But everything is very simple: the body naiperveyshaya task - to preserve its existence, our existence with you. It is this and engaged, with constant. And when we "turn off" his medicine, we just run away from symptoms. And what is the symptom? Yes, just the body a signal that something is wrong, that it can not cope with its main task. The body sends SOS.

14 years ago the head shots with a cold and a lot of puncture is not clarified. Diagnosis (in med.akademii in eastern Germany) and is not set, since it is not found organic changes. In Kiev, physicians lacked clinical picture: PC

. They offered to go to the hospital and 2 group. Refused.

Many years ago, when I was lucky exacerbations 3:

I then could not at arm's length to distinguish the male from the female face. Everything else just keep quiet. So, the guys stuck to me Spezia wires and sensors, and said: "What is the RS, baby! You have liver crammed to the limit. " And they put on a diet: Only water, fresh juices, cereal on the water with little or no salt, vegetables, raw and lightly cooked, fruit, raw seeds and nuts (pre-soaked). I cheered. Three weeks later, once I opened my eyes in the morning, I found myself on the fact that woke up smiling. Just like that, for no reason. As I started to pour tremendous strength and the joy of existence. Eye Proteins were both in healthy young children, just to Golubinka. In general, the eyes become very bright. I began to think quickly. There was a lot of energy and tranquility, etc. In general, life is full steam ahead. Six weeks later I went (flew) to work. And that group has already left. I bow to the ground before them.

2 years ago the diagnosis delivered quickly (in a major honey. In the heart of the United States). When I was inwardly trying to pull away from the diagnosis, he started to protest, the doctor gently noticed that their latest generation of the device, it is better for today does not exist, and then simply did not have such equipment. I saw that he did not want to report it to me. It was in the Emergency, and they're really trying to do everything possible and impossible to repair. I'm in this category did not fall. He was very sorry.

I agreed to do the dropper with corticosteroids (hormones), but wanted only one thing - lie down and think things through. In the fourth infusion at me for a minute, "broken" vision. I was frightened and on further, conventional medical treatment refused. The effect of intravenous lines, of course, was. I think that they have suspended the process, and do not know what has caused the convulsions that began 2 weeks. On the PC, of ​​course (very "convenient" diagnosis). I do not even know how to call it when the body half turns. It is difficult and painful. I do not remember how flew to Kiev. The solid memory failures. In the plane part of the way I lay on the floor. In general, everything, and like everyone else, and all individually. I began to fight for their full life, placing at the center of common sense and alternative medicine. Topic started me - a long and serious conversation. But somehow we need to start. I remember those who are sick today, right now. Therefore, even today do not consider it a possible silent. There are simple, publicly available tools that can be used immediately.

Someone said here that smokes - forget about it! Smoking - is not to be healthy by definition. This should be good to think and understand. In the world there are other joys. Someone said here that the drink can - forget about it! It is not for us. Drinking - is not to be healthy by definition. In real life there is joy. Do not believe a doctor who says that there can be anything that your heart desires. He is mistaken. It seems to me that such a doctor and he is unwell.

Our disease from a damaged mind and body toxicity. I'm not talking about the environmental toxicity of the environment. Too much will have to speak. Do not call to become a victim of paranoia, it is not constructive. Just try as much as possible to protect themselves from the harmful effects. For example, I gave up all beautifully packaged cleaners. Everything is a poison. The use of ordinary baking soda, hydrogen prekisyu or simply very hot water. I will be healthy. Of course, we talk about detoxification separately. This is very important.

I repeat: faith, common sense and responsibility. Nourishes the body he desired products to clean the intestines, cleanses the liver and kidneys. To drink good water. Do all possible physical activity (very important). Take in the morning (but at least 2-3 times a day as you feel) douches. Deal with your emotions and desires. Generally, in earnest to ask yourself the question: Why should I live? In general, not to be treated from the PC, and to rebuild their health murdered. Simple, right?

His recovery without medicines (which means no side effektov- "one" cures "- and do not treat the same - and the other cripples") I refer, first, to his profound conviction that there is no incurable diseases that I would anyone says against this "arrogant" statements.

Secondly, to my deep belief that the human body - is a complex, self-regulating, self-healing system. Third, that everything has a reason to which everyone can get to the bottom and remove. Of course, I had to walk literally touch, listening carefully to their feelings and, of course, sometimes I really wanted to consult with an intelligent and knowledgeable doctor who would stick to alternative methods.

The first thing that I came across and is well remembered - among the "Ohoven and poisoning substances" was the message of a young man printed in the forum, said that he had returned to normal life without drugs, began to engage in regular physical activity. Thanks to him, that he spent his time and his voice. For me it was the straw, for which you can grab onto. Straw, in turn, proved to be a reliable log.

The second, which supported my strength, was the opinion of some neurologists professionals working in the famous Mayo Clinic, that the modern approach "sooner begun drug treatment of MS - the better" may be required to review and, perhaps, more correct is a conservative approach the patient and his doctor called "wait-and-See" (wait and see), because, by definition, Moses Rodriguez MD, Pittock MD doctors and their colleagues, the study, conducted in Mayo Clinic, show that 17% of all those seeking treatment for MS patients in the United States, are easy for the disease, and that in 10-20 years will not lead to a deterioration.

This percentage is about 70 000 people suspected of 400,000, all suffering in this country. Thus, said Dr. Rodriguez, Mayo Clinic studies have questioned the modern dogma that all patients should immediately begin a lifelong therapy with interferon (of course, in the article are still a lot of numbers, range of disability, etc., but I see no reason to dwell on this in more detail).

I decided that this is certainly worthy of my attention, as it supports my intuitive refuse treatment, but do not dwell on it and just wait if my body came to the illness, then you need to reconsider your life, get rid of it, which led to disaster and help your body recover by natural means:

positive attitude,
proper nutrition,
fresh juices,
sensible, does not contradict the nature of the regime,

physical load purification from different stuff (including emotional).
A year after the incident, I gained full confidence in the fact that this disease has been a real blessing for me. The most important was the support of my faith and the Bible. I understand that not all of its readers, but does not say do not think about it for yourself possible. In addition to the Bible I read Odhner Zigstedta "Emanuel Swedenborg," Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh and many other Orthodox literature.

I have already mentioned about Professor George N. Sytin. Highly recommend. He also believes that there is no incurable diseases, and that the word and the thought material. About nutrition is difficult to write.

In any case, it should be guided sensations, not just recommendations. My selection - natural food. Fresh juices. (2-3 times a day, or at least 1). I am sure that the juicer - is not a luxury, but a necessity. (I advise you to buy a little book by Norman Walker. It is very easy to understand and interesting written, is literally a penny and you can learn a lot of useful, but it is not necessary to become a fanatic). I ate very little meat and around a couple of times a week (of course, natural, sometimes less, sometimes - more often), but not red, as chicken, turkey, cooked without skin (here we must again be guided by the sensations: somehow really wanted gras - of course, I ate, once really wanted to eat a beef steak - of course, ate, and by the way, after that slept great all night, but it was all the exceptions to the rule

.. The fish, but not fried. Many vegetables and fruits. Nuts, seeds. Sauerkraut (pickled vegetables all which I liked). Every day, natural honey (for some reason the first 3-4 months I particularly like honey and walnuts, that is guided by feelings. Now I understand that the body needs in trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids and more of something than abound these products). Cold pressed vegetable oil (required).

Каши, заправленные оливковым маслом. Пробиотики (кефир, ацидофильное молоко, (с самым маленьким сроком употребления — нет химии). Морская капуста (вообще, морские водоросли и сушёные в том числе (без применения высоких температур)».


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