The fragments of fairy tales. Amazing mosaics by Laura Harris (Laura Harris)

Painter Laura Harris (Laura Harris) from Wisconsin always loved to draw, this talent was given to her from birth. But at the time, contrary to the expectations of family and friends, she got philological education, worked in the specialty and has frequently been the best teacher, Wisconsin. However, for more than 25 years Laura Harris is forced to fully devote himself to his favorite hobby, abandoning no less beloved work. The fact that in 1985 the artist was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which forced her to resign as a teacher. Since she works at home, and in home art Studio creates the most amazing mosaics that brought her fame both at home and abroad.

From pieces and fragments of various materials, small parts of various equipment, as well as keys, beads, buttons and stones Laura Harris puts portraits and landscapes in his inimitable individual style. In her mosaics, the realistic stories are combined with fairy tale motifs add magic and elements of surrealism, to which the artist is clearly concerned. Someone may be noted that the work of Laura Harris vaguely resemble something from the oeuvre of Salvador Dali, but this effect is, apparently, create big and small gears of watches and clocks, which the artist actively uses in his paintings.

Despite the fact that the disease is progressing artist, she does not lose courage, and from time to time even joking that multiple sclerosis is a good helper for her creative hobby. Working with fragments of porcelain, glass and ceramics, there is always the danger of injury from sharp edges, but as the disease "awarded" artist, such symptoms like numbness, it rarely feels a sharp pain, even when she happens to inadvertently grab one or the other fragment. Having the opportunity to concentrate on work, Laura Harris carefully considering every story of the future mosaic, so they look so "alive" and "real", and each of them — a story, tale, poem.

Today Laura Harris is a successful and famous artist, whose works participate in numerous competitions, exhibitions and festivals of contemporary art that take place around the world. And for the past five consecutive years, an American artist with progressive multiple sclerosis is a regular winner of awards and grants at the international level.

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