Quality floor mats for car: what to look for when buying?

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Wish to purchase quality products is understandable and feasible. Despite the huge range on offer today, choose high-quality mats for your car is not difficult if you follow some tips.
Tips on choosing car mats
1. Many cars are divided into several types:
  • model;
  • universal.
Car mats is not an exception and they can also be found in these two variations. Of course, better to choose the model of products as they are manufactured precisely under the form for each specific vehicle. This is handy, because given the large range, you can easily find the most suitable for the particular model and brand of car kit. Besides, rugs can be used without changing their sizes. If the choice was accurate, you can be confident that the products will fit in size.
2. Further, it is important to determine the material. It may be rubber and its derivatives, or textiles. Each of the materials finds its fans. The only rubber products more practical, because they are easier to maintain, to keep clean. Textiles also different in its appeal. The main thing β€” to purchase products from trusted manufacturers who used quality materials. Therefore, it becomes clear that quality floor mats cannot be too cheap. They should not have an unpleasant odor. The presence of a light characteristic odor is allowed, but must be removed after washing of the product or of airing in the fresh air.
3. You should pay attention to the design features of the products. Well, if they are at the bottom will have spikes that will not allow the goods to slide, providing a better grip.
The front side of the Mat should also not be smooth. If there are cells, moisture, dirt, getting on the Mat, can be distributed to cells without forming puddles.
The height of the sides can significantly differ from products of European production products of Asian, local production. European rugs may not have the high sides in accordance with the road rules of the EU. This is because the high sides can create some obstacles in the management of the vehicle. The models with high sides can be found under the name of "trough". In extreme conditions they can be useful, for example, if the vehicle is used outside the city and there is a higher probability to stain the cabin.


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