Country trivia that will warm in the cold

Whatever you say, but in the country at any time of year. Really cold there. Even if the house is thoroughly prepared for the winter and winterized. While the stove or fireplace will heat our country home, it may not be too comfortable. But just in case, if not in the suburban home of the many practical details that help to cope with the problem.

Ninety five million five hundred forty three thousand seventy one


Blankets, bedspreads and podoscirtinae a blanket and pillow in a cozy knitted cover — what you need. Wrapped in a blanket, not only by the fireplace to sit, but on the porch on a nice day relax and enjoy the nature.


Fifty five million three hundred thirty one thousand one hundred seventy two


A big plus of such things: they not only give warmth, but the house is decorated. Well-chosen country textile makes the interior cozy, very homey and comfortable. But if, besides, this is not the purchase of the product, and made by the hands of a skilled mistress…


Sixteen million eight hundred twelve thousand nine hundred forty nine


Fabric scraps are in abundance, have any mistresses. But even if you are not fond of sewing, digging in the closet, you might find old things that throw a pity, and to wear already precisely nobody will. Country pantries and attics can sometimes keep many of these "treasures." But this is excellent source material to create elegant bedspreads, blankets, blankets, covers for pillows and furniture in traditional and not aging patchwork.


And it is not necessary to invent some complicated scheme — if time or experience is not enough, you can start with very simple options. For example, colorful plaid squares of fabric, as in the next photo, you will be able to sew even aspiring mistress.


Six million six hundred fifty six thousand four hundred fourteen


Perhaps you prefer knitting, but not sewing? Knitting or crochet, you can associate real works of art. If the color, texture and style of the product will complement the interior of your home, it is not only practical but also very fashionable, stylish thing


Eleven million thirty two thousand five hundred forty three


What would it be?.. Plaid with an oversized "braids", or crocheted blanket everyone in the same technique patchwork, or bright wool Cape... You decide. Of course, this will require patience, and time for a beautiful thing will take a lot — but for myself, not sorry, right?


Twenty six million six hundred sixty nine thousand eight hundred twenty one


Comfortable and warm home obuvnoy frozen — expect health problems. So must keep them warm. Means, and house shoes for the winter garden will require. The easiest option — warm knitted socks with thick soles. It can be made from felt or of felt; you can use thick insoles or soles of old Slippers — that is at hand.


Sixty five million two hundred ninety two thousand nine hundred eighty three


Very comfortable cottage home shoes made from leather (natural or artificial). In these warm Slippers and the porch can be accessed and even on the street — you never know what you may need. Besides, they are stronger, more durable fabrics, and thus will serve you not one season


Twenty eight million four hundred eighty two thousand four


Popular now and home boots — knitted or fur. Such footwear at the store or market is not cheap, but it is quite easy to sew with their hands. Only you should think in advance about how you will handle your sewing machine with the chosen material. If in doubt, have to arm themselves with a needle with strong thread and pave the seams manually.


Twenty six million two hundred thirty four thousand one hundred fifty one


Courtinterpreter in country houses is often possible to see homespun rugs and knitted rugs (though lately they crowd out shopping paths and carpets). For him to walk nicer than the cold floor, and identity of interior, such details will add. By the way, from a practical point of view in the country house the traditional rugs and carpets, and shake them simpler and easy to wash, if that. Besides, any hand-crafted product is much warmer, cozier factory, do you agree?


Sixty million four hundred thirty five thousand two hundred fifty one


To buy a carpet in the store is easy, anyone can handle it. Let's talk about how you can make a stylish, beautiful, durable mats to give your hands. Options and techniques a lot — there are plenty to choose from.


Love to sew? Gather lots of colorful fabric scraps and refer to the master class. The mats in this way usually do small: they go pretty heavy, and laborious work. But it is beautiful.



If you like homespun rugs (by the way, they are back in fashion), and in my grandmother's trunk, these rarities have not survived, to correct the situation not so difficult. And this does not have to get a loom — a fairly small wooden frame. Raw materials for future masterpieces will serve the same homemade stuff that we pulled out of the closets and attics when I was looking for materials for blankets and bedspreads in the technique of patchwork :)

Thirty eight million three hundred fifty one thousand seven hundred forty seven

Master class from the following videos will demonstrate the process and the necessary equipment



You can use a slightly different technology — it is very simple, cope with the weave, even children. All the details can be seen in the following two videos. The first is that we will get the result, what will it take, and how the process looks from the side



The second part introduces the nuances. Here you will see successively all the stages of work



However, these products will also be small in size. But bind (crochet or knitting) you can Mat almost any size and configuration — it all depends on the patience and skill masters. The easiest option is round, crocheted from thick yarn.


Thirty two million one hundred thirty five thousand four hundred eighty three


Warming napakiak hot tea — long-proven, simple and fun way to keep warm in the cold. Of course, better if it is real, brewed by all the rules of the drink, not the liquid resulting from the immersion in boiling water a bag with unknown content And maybe you have a samovar?..


Seventy five million eight hundred thirty four thousand three hundred ninety


Instead of the traditional welding you can use herbal homemade. Hot herbal tea is not only warm, but the mood will lift, and from the beginning of a cold will relieve.

Seventy seven million one hundred thirty thousand one hundred twenty

Tea is good to put on the table a vase with jam or honey. Well, if you sit behind the wheel none of the companies do not need, you can also prepare other delicious drinks. Hot mulled wine, grog or toddy will warm even in the bitter cold.

For reference:

punch is a hot drink originally from ancient India; in the classic version consists of 5 required components: rum, wine, fruit juice, sugar (honey), spices

mulled wine is considered to be one kind of punch; it is a hot drink based on red wine with various spices and herbs

grog — another kind of punch; its members must include strong tea and rum (brandy), which add to the taste of the various syrups, fruits and spices


Seventy six million seven hundred seven thousand eight hundred thirty eight


Recipes, glintwein we are once more caught on mulled wine, and today, variations on the theme of this winter drink, you can find countless for every taste. How to cook a delicious warming mulled wine, show and tell in the next video. This is one of the possible recipes — it can be repeated exactly or to provide a basis for improvisations



:200 ml red wine (me in this case, taste more sweet, but it's not a dogma)

100 ml of water (without water, mood and desire)

50 ml cognac

sugar, spices — to taste

a slice of lemon in each glass.


Heat the wine with water, sugar and spices in an enamel pot (do not boil!). Then the hot mixture add the brandy, strain and pour into the glasses. All you can drink)) By the way, this drink is excellent relieves sore throat and incipient cold; if you drink it at night before bed — by morning from ailments and should not remain checked!


And here's another couple of interesting and easy options...


Mulled Wine "In Kiev»

1 l sweet red dessert wine

200 ml cherry brandy

1 lemon

cinnamon and cloves — to taste

Slice the lemon (pieces or slices), mix the wine with the brandy, add the lemon and bring mixture to a boil (do not boil!). Add the spices, leave for 10-15 minutes, drain.


Mulled wine with pepper "the Secret of Midas»

1 liter of red wine

1-1. 5 cups of sugar

2 apples

15-20 grains of black pepper

cinnamon, cloves — to taste

In red wine, add sugar, chopped apples, peppers and spices. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, leave for 10-15 minutes, drain. Into glasses you can add a slice of lemon or Apple.


Recipes grovely mulled wine and sometimes I drink cold, the grog must be only hot. How to cook it, watch the following video (at the same time learn about how this drink was born)



And here's other recipes...


Brandy grog

1 glass of cognac

1 tsp rum

15 g sugar

0.5 liters of water

cloves — to taste

Boil water with sugar and cloves, then add the brandy and the rum and pour the drink into mugs or special glasses.


Milk and brandy grog "Dairy coast"

1 tsp rum

50 ml cognac

100 ml of milk

50 ml of strong tea

orange slice

Mix the milk and tea to warm up. Pour into mug, add rum and brandy, put a slice of orange.


Tonic tea grog

1 tbsp brandy

juice of 1 lemon

juice of 1 orange

750 ml strong tea

1/3 Cup granulated sugar

zest of lemon and orange

Squeeze the juice from citrus fruits, lemon peels and orange to grate, mix with sugar and leave for an hour. Then pour hot strong tea to the mix the zest with the sugar, add the brandy, to warm to +70...+80 degrees and strain in the pressed juice. Serve hot.


Recipes unsupportiveness on the preparation of mulled wine and grog, punch you can handle it without problems. Variants of this drink, perhaps more than the previous two put together, so to tell you about the punch, you would need to write a separate article. I'll just mention that unlike his "younger brothers", the punch can be hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is clear that in the cold, keep warm better hot)) for Example, like this...


White punch "Snowfall»

250 ml white wine

1/3 Cup champagne (sparkling wine)

1 tsp rum

sugar, clove, cinnamon, lemon zest — to taste

Boil the white wine with sugar, add spices and lemon zest, cook another 3-4 minutes, remove from heat, drain, add the rum, then pour the champagne, pour into glasses and serve.


Wine and brandy punch "Fishing"

750 ml red table wine

0.5 Cup of brandy

juice of 1/2 lemon

150 g sugar

0.5 liters of water

cloves to taste

Preheating to +70 degrees the mixture of water, wine, sugar and lemon juice with cloves and lemon peel. Strain, add brandy and pour into glasses.





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