Do NOT start relations with a man under any circumstances!

There are people that don't have to start relationships.

Everyone knows that there are such people, but not everyone knows how such a person to determine. Well, I admit I do not know one hundred percent of the list.

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However, I do know several signs that clearly indicate — with that person not to start a relationship. Under any circumstances, on any terms.

But first the necessary preamble.

The people who are fighting. This practice is not bright, and maybe not always it can be called a quarrel, but quarrels occur in any pair, without this in any way. We're not psychic, sometimes do not understand each other, understand incorrectly, interpret incorrectly, thinking, them, and stuff like that.

It is a natural part of our lives, and to expect otherwise is not worth it. It is only twenty year old naive girls may think that a life together — always in perfect harmony. In fact, even very loving couples happen disagreements and misunderstandings (and, if some prefer, an argument).

After most fights happen reconciliation. And just here we can understand — is a man to start any serious relationship or is it better to stop now.

By the way, slightly to the side. People tend to start relationships off the head and not notice the obvious signs of, um, bad relationship (let's call it so). Here's a man in the heat of the moment pushed the woman — she didn't notice. In five years he will beat her in front of children. Here's a woman when their girlfriends commented ironically on the clothing of her boyfriend — he didn't notice. In five years she will fire his last words, when employees and business partners.

Remember — these things cannot be skipped. Never. If to give a hand in the beginning of the relationship, it may very well happen that people will reflect and rebuild (it may, of course, and not to rebuild — differently happens). But if the hands do not give, people would not be reconstructed accurately.

Now, when all the preliminary part of this, move on to the sign. It is not always noticeable, but only after a quarrel (so I've heard so much about quarrels).

As I said, after a quarrel reconciliation takes place. And it is always all the same scenario. Someone comes first and offers to make peace. As it offers — it doesn't matter. It is important that someone takes the first step. And here appears our sign.

How can a person respond to an offer to reconcile? By and large, only two ways — to accept or refuse.

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And if you came up and said, well, let's put up, and the man happily replied — that's good. If you are approached, and the man continues to pout and/or require you special compensation is a reason to be suspicious.

But the main point in the other. If you are approached, offered to put up and man — attention! says that was wrong, too hasty, nothing snapped, went too far, too wound up, twisted, did not follow the words, and the like, then it is possible to deal further.

But if a person — warning! says that you need to be posderzhannee, not to get excited so watch the language, do not talk nonsense, and so on, then such a person need to keep as far as possible.

Why is it so. The man who at least in words, and recognize your part in creating your argument, in principle, understands that relationship is a matter of two persons. And that everything that happens in the relationship is also two. This man is ripe for a relationship. He may be, yet not much is able to be, but he can learn.

A man who is sure that it is your fault in the quarrel, which does in no way acknowledges its contribution to the fight (or any other TIFF), a man in the relationship not ready. Are not ripe. With him you can hang out and have fun, but serious relationship with him is contraindicated.

With such a serious relationship will not work. Not expect.

Sum up. The man can be in a relationship if he acknowledges your contribution to your disagreements. A person can not be (banned, pointless, stupid — substitute any similar word) to build the relationship if it is in all quarrels blames only you. published 

And I have all, thank you for your attention.

Author: Pavel Zygmantovich

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©

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