Blessing talent slowness

The day began with "get Up!" and ended "quickly Go to sleep!"Rita was born a quiet child. She, like many children, was blessed with the talent slowly.

Could freeze, seeing the dance of the motes in a sunbeam. Could take a long hard look and compare the color of the grass. Could not stop to expose the breeze your face and enjoy this affection. Could drink from a mug of cocoa for half an hour....

About what was it? Mean presence in every moment of his life, about the taste of each SIP, about wholeness, about the unity with the world and separation from it, about the recognition of themselves in the world and the world in itself, about the joy and sadness, about love and pain, about the fact that you're truly alive...

Rita grew up without a father. Maybe that's why Ruthin mother was always in a hurry, but despite the hectic pace of life she did not have enough time to do everything planned for the day. After all, two jobs, a house and a daughter.

Rita was detained mother everywhere: at home, on the street, in stores, in cafes, in the Park... in the Morning when mom had to get ready for work and take my daughter to kindergarten, Rita waited a long time to wash, for the thousandth time exploring soap on the ability to slide.

On the way to daycare she could regret every met a cat or dog, patiently explaining, pulling her by the hand mom I urgently need to go to the store and buy milk and a piece of sausage. Could the café or shop to have a long conversation with her favourite person, comparing him and his life.

And all this Rita is often, no, always, always heard from mom: hurry, we're late! Hurry up! Once, we did not have time! Soon, Rita! We have absolutely no time! Each Ruthin the day began with "get Up!" and ended "quickly Go to sleep!"

At the consultation in front of me sat a young and attractive woman, her name was Margaret. She spoke so fast that I almost reached my threshold of perception of information per unit of time. It seemed that she barely has time to breathe between words. Afraid not to have time to tell me important afraid to be heard and not seen fully. And when I asked her not to hurry, saying that we will not be late and all you need to get done, Rita froze, and then began to cry. It was the first time in many years, when nobody said, "Come on, faster!"

Little who allows his children to simply "be". Often "be" prohibited. And so growing up, people do not know how, are afraid to be in my life completely, entirely devoting himself to her. Can't take life and yourself in it, to feel life and myself in it, to understand life and themselves.

I come up with the 30-year-old boys and girls who learned 2-3 languages, were the most "effective Manager", but they forgot to notice the simple pleasures of everyday life, those little things that warm the heart and fill the soul. They have no time. They are still late. Late to live.

And we remember and re-learn to be unhurried, as it could for a long time in childhood. published


Автор6 Olga Popova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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