10 ways maximize space in a small apartment

My dream is to move to more extensive housing to increase the space, but not sure that it would be appropriate now? Then think about the alternative.

Some of us can't afford to move into a new house and start a new life. However, it is probably not worth doing in a hurry. Here you have 10 examples for inspiration:

Ruthless mess

Decorate shelves, but don't overdo it

Getting rid of the clutter you will see that the room was twice. But this does not mean to throw away all the things, but simply to reconsider that choice. Which photos to remove and which to leave on the shelves, for example. Thus, your room will become freer.

Use all of the niche

Add furniture, but do not forget that everything is good in moderation

Many of us would like to have a private room but this is not possible. If you live in the house temporarily, then the obvious solution is to use a niche in the dining room or living room for a Desk.

Prepare to use every inch

Try to remove the shelves from under your legs up to the ceiling

To avoid the feeling that the room limits you, the first thing you need to learn to wisely use the space. If you go to squeeze just a few shelves or hooks? And don't forget about the upper part. For example, this shelf is near the ceiling helps to keep a lot of books and don't clutter the room.

Don't be afraid to clean the walls

One large room is more impressive than several small

This Paris apartment shows how stylish and roomy it may look like a house without interior walls, in contrast to the flat with several small rooms. But before making dramatic changes to the layout need to know whether the wall load.

Love the functionality of the kitchen

If the kitchen is white, the main thing is that the surface can be cleaned easily

You don't have to make the kitchen a bunch of furniture, enough to be the stove, refrigerator, sink and table for preparing meals. You just need it to be functional and comfortable use. For example, this kitchen looks tiny, but modern and comfortable.

Allocate space for a dining table

The lighter the room, the more it looks

You don't need a table for 12 people, because the purity most of the time you have dinner with cat. Too large table will make the room even smaller. In turn, even the smallest dining table may look great, if to it to put favorite chairs and hanging near beautiful artwork.

Use the site professionally

A lot of furniture it does not matter if she does not stop to move around the room

In a small space it is essential to use the space efficiently. Even if the kitchen, dining and living room close, they should not interfere with each other. It is necessary to clearly delineate each area. The kitchen counter can be a good razgranichat, and the couch by the table and the shelf under the TV with the oven can maintain the neatness and tidiness of the room.

Wedge sofa

A corner sofa will save space, but not diminished the convenience

If you can squeeze it, and all the rest of you will not care. This well-designed living room shows that the small room can also be comfortable and help to relax. Sofa in L shape looks comfortable, but not bulky, and two large paintings and a floor lamp add to her charm.

Think more about style and not about size

The room with twilight, too, can look comfortable

Many hotel rooms are quite small, but you still might enjoy it there. This proves that when it comes to bedroom style and comfort are always ahead of space.

If you have a room where you keep all the necessary (bed, storage space, and a small table for details), then nothing more is needed. If I can squeeze another chair and with a TV like the picture, then even better.

Let the Studio is simple but with chic touches

More pleasant to spend time in the Studio with a homely atmosphere

Most often Studio apartment to arrange the most difficult. The kitchen, dining and living room combined into one room, but it's light and bright, with vintage shades: gorchinoe, lime and orange, which gives charm and charisma. And the white paint on the walls, though the standard variant, but will always help to expand a small space.

So let's remember the basic rules of the expansion of space in the room, apartment or house: lots of light, functional furniture, space utilization 100% and your own sense of freedom in the room. This will help you to feel that you are at ease even in the small room. published


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