Ghost Towns: Stepnogorsk, castle Popova and surroundings

Ghost towns - it's populated areas, the population abandoned for various reasons - because of the downturn in economic activity, wars, natural or man-made disasters. These cities can already include "nice" Stepnogorsk. This post will be devoted to this town.

From Zaporozhye to Stepnogorsk about 30 minutes away by car. Turning off the main road in the direction of the flow of cars Stepnogorsk sharply decreased to zero. The city machines, and almost no people. Stepnogorsk center is a couple of stalls and shops. City leaves a feeling of depression, I do not know how people can live there, what to do and most importantly, in the atmosphere of the ruins and "abandoned" the mood of living in it probably rarely gives way to a joyful ... Stepnogorsk - something like Ukrainian "Zombieland." < br />

The characteristic form for Stepnogorsk - abandoned houses, empty streets, colorless life. Deputies to our live there - and can be understood as people live ... To see what a Stepnogorsk we had the 10 minutes. And we went to an abandoned mine Stepnogorsk, about 7 km from the city before it. Post-apocalyptic continues ...

Mine was built, I realized in 1989. Thrown, probably after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I think the vector of development was that the mine is closed, broke off plans people began to empty city ... A striking example of the fate of the cities that were built near the fields or factories, when all the people working in the same enterprise. Rose plant - dying city.


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