These pictures will convince you that children and Pets cannot be left alone for a long time!

Most Pets love to play with young kids. But if this love goes beyond all boundaries, then cats and dogs start to avoid such communication.

The website found for the reader funny pictures showing that kids better not leave unattended, especially when in the same room with them is Pets.

Child, markers, and Dalmatians are incompatible things!

© Heisenburgerballs / Mdirmake, I did not do, and the dog!

© poppzE / RedditНикогда, never leave your baby alone with a cat and make-up!

© ProAndMad / MIGMA niece wanted to have a tea party with the dog

© M1ssmurd3r / RedditДочка decided that the dog these things are more than I

© Loflir10 / RedditЯ believe that my sister is a brilliant dog stylist

© Mack213 / Medigard your dog is very patient...

© GallowBoob / RedditМой child insisted that the cat also wants to play on the swings

© Teamcawkes / RedditСынишка feeds stuffed dog, and real it looks. So cruel!

© Forester1983 / RedditКузина made a rock garden directly on my cat...

© MakeItDouble / Reddit



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