I see your beauty...

"Look at me!" I have read several autobiographical books in which people tell about what happened to them when their mind has failed. In one case, with Taylor Jill it was a stroke – and it is "live" have watched as one after another off the functions of her brain. In the other, Susanna Cahalan, under the influence of a very little-known by the time of the story of the disease, the psyche has gone viral, showing a variety of effects peculiar to the various types of mental illness – from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder.

In the third case, Scott Tassel – generalized anxiety disorder with a huge number of symptoms and consequences, and the fight against notstupid horror is still ongoing. Earlier, many years ago, I read "the noonday Demon" by Andrew Solomon dedicated his long severe depression.

Very different people, very different stories.

But there's something they have in common. No matter what madness caused by the blood-drenched post-stroke brain, or an undiagnosed illness, or persistent howling in the shower-theft alarm system alarm or painful, sad depression – and so, despite all this, something holistic was left in the shower.

The twinkling lights of identity not damped even in the most desperate moments, and this consciousness was violently torn out, to Express itself, to make itself felt. Bumping into a paralyzed psyche, that consciousness was beating on the locked doors, desperately trying to make themselves known – that is seen, heard, and responded. As he wrote later Suzanne Cahalan, "what was happening inside of me, does not correspond to the external parameters. In other words, Suzanne "external" does not correspond to Susanna "internal", and I'm actually aware of the reality much sharper than it looked from the outside. I felt this gap. Often, that my "I" as though trying to reach the outside world, but this prevented him "sick" realtor – my body."

Our "I" is trying to reach the outside world all the time. People need people, we live in a world of people. Those who received psychological trauma, experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, cerebral palsy, and many other complicating disorders contact – also are drawn to people because these sparks of consciousness in we know people need people. Even if all experience shows that people are dangerous, run from them – still this thrust is opposed to a desperate desire to reach out to others. "Look at me!"

The most obvious way it appears in the psychotherapy. It seems to me that true healing starts from the moment the participants of this process, the psychologist/therapist and client/patient can see each other. When these two "I" seen through the clutter of protection and injuries, and gently, gently touch each other... And then find the strength not to collapse instantly back, and to be in each other's presence, silently flicker there... In this world there is vanity, there is silence, and the two voices in her... first And foremost, it is my task to see, even sometimes quite distorted and hazy because of the suffering of the "external" level – shining "I".

And it glows. I have long held the idea that human nature is neutral, what we do not the inherent nature of something "good" or "bad". And now, under the influence of different factors, I feel that it is not. Our deeper self shines. Some of the famous psychotherapists (sorry, I don't remember who exactly) once said remarkable words about such (much as lay in my mind): "I understand that when I manage to get in touch with the real client. I see him in this moment beautiful." And it's true... beauty that has no relation to the physical. At some point-is that a fraction of a second! the man's face, his voice, body, breath, everything changes, is illuminated by this inner light. When I see other beautiful when you realize this moment is somewhat similar to the trance state. Sometimes runs through the body trembling, a bodily signal that I witnessed something very intimate, secret, hidden from other people. And it's a thrill I have not ever lied to is always a reaction to the most complete, sincere presence of another person next to me.

I have to be honest, a lot of dissatisfaction with herself as a psychologist. I know that often fuss where we can and should go slowly. What can go in the "head", logical reasoning where it is important to be attentive to the subtle emotional movements. Often pushing the process in its energy where you can and should allow this energy to flow as it flows... Not hvatat experience/capabilities to look beyond the demonstrated facade (and it is very different...). A lot more... not always I get to see is "radiant me" to hear it – or hear, stay together, be in contact, not to interrupt him. Often meetings with the experience of beauty and awe – did not occur, contact die before it began. And this is very painful.But those moments when I see another person is beautiful, give me strength and hope in order to continue. Because the beauty of this extraordinary. published


Author: Ilya Latypov

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