It's not strawberries, but fantastic! I just did as advised by this woman.

Strawberry — berry whimsical, but divinely delicious. To juicy fruit pleasing to you in the summer, little need to intercede over them in early spring.

You need this statement from the fertile summer resident. Follow all the points, and you will grow fragrant strawberries the neighbors are the envy of the family at the joy.

Care for strawberries wesnesday tricks
  1. As soon as the snow melted and the ground dried up, cleanse the beds of strawberries. Raking last year's leaves with fan rake.
  2. Cut off old leaves from the bushes. Remove plant residues: mustache, stems, dried berries. They can be disease.
  3. Carefully proryhliv the earth to the roots to breathe and the soil was better warm.

  4. After loosening the strawberries to feed. You can use any water-soluble medium or an organic fertilizer.
  5. Important treatment for strawberries early spring, watering plants with hot water with addition of potassium permanganate. Use 250 ml of liquid with a temperature of 60 °C for each Bush. This solution fights against insects and pests.
  6. Very often, strawberries are exposed to diseases, especially suffering from spotting. To deal with this problem better in the early spring with help of special medications. Also recommend to use ash because it copes with pests and plant diseases. For prevention sprinkle ash on the leaves of strawberries.

  7. A little under bushes and between rows of compost.
In this video you can learn how to provide proper care for strawberries in the spring.


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