11 things you need to know, if you like disturbing human

For a person with anxiety disorder the support of friends, family and partner is very important, but only when the relatives realize that they should (and should not) for him to do.

The website offers you to read the advice of people who suffer from this disease, and to understand what they need and how you see the world around.

1. The best thing you can do is listen to

"You don't need to answer. It is impossible to fix, even if you want it. Just listen. Make it clear to this person that you are with him. Hugit , or, conversely, will release his personal spaceif he needs it."

Alison L.

2. Take an anxiety disorder, instead of pretending that it is not

"Don't treat it as if it were something fleeting or even non-existent. Understandif your loved one could get rid of anxiety, he would have done it".

Jenn S.

3. Remember that not all anxiety disorders the same

"My husband and I both suffer from severe anxiety and depression. But despite the General problem, it affects us in different ways, and what may help me may not help him. I need physical contact and confidence. Him personal space. Knowing that helps us with our soulmate, we feel stronger".

Melissa M.

4. Explore our problem, it will help you to understand us

"Be aware of the characteristics of our disease. Understand the feelings and realities faced by a loved one, just as you would do it for the patient physically. Find out what makes us worry".

Melissa George.

5. We are deeply grateful for your patience

"Patience really is a virtue. You can't always understand our concern, but if you show love and compassion to our problem is the most important thing. At parties my boyfriend often asks if I'm okay, just to check that everything was okay, and to show their concern".

Christina R.

6. Remind us that there is no shame in finding professional help

"I call on us to visit doctor. Treatment anxiety disorders can save our lives, improve overall health and relationship with you."

Hope George.

7. Forget the word "peace"

""Calm down" as efficiently (and as annoying) as trying to baptize a cat. We, as a rule, 1 000 % know that our concernsare irrational. But repeating this to yourself will not be able magically to turn off the alarm."

Kelly R.

8. Do not take to heart our bad mood

"Know that our anxiety is caused not by you, even if you think that this is so. We just feel overwhelmed. Offer us something that can distract us or reduce anxiety. Part of the concern is in our brain, and with him nothing can be done, but there may be external factors. Suggest us to go out or to do something that, in your opinion, can alleviate the symptoms".

Ryan N.

9. No, you can't fix us, and that's fine

"My husband hadto learnthat sometimes what's wrong in me, does not need to fix".

Kyle D.

10. Call us to take care of yourself

"Participate in Wellness activities or encourage us to stay active in things like yoga, dancing or walking. Also, don't forget to give us the time for these activities, for example taking children for a while".

Sandra B.

11. Just be with us in the bad days

"I have a very understanding friend, who not only accepts my need to sometimes sit in the closet, but bought me a blanket to join me there, if my anxiety is too strongto leave."

Pixie M.

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