10 things you need to know if you love introvert

Website has translated an article for you to help better understand an introvert, you love. Of course, this does not mean that all these qualities are not inherent extroverts. Just introverts need another small confirmation that extroverts understand them.

If you are an introvert, then, of course, we believe that extroverts will never understand how you can love. But why should we, introverts do not help them and do not talk about how we love. Time to dispel a little magic mystery that surrounds the people, aimed a.

1. Introverts do not need all the time to talk with your loved ones

We are silent but loud voices in our heads are not subsiding. Sometimes we love simply means to respect the silence that we need to function properly. We do not need a thousand words to feel the love. We just need you around, his silence allows us to be ourselves. We enjoy the peace around you.

2. Introverts may go beyond the comfort zone for the sake of love

Of course, we can sometimes be extroverts, but only for those people who really mean a lot to us. So when we agree to go with you on a noisy wedding party, we would be pleased if you appreciate this gift. The next day we may need time to recharge alone, and if we will feel your support, then the next time going beyond the comfort zone with a great desire.

3. Introverts open their hearts only the most special people

If we have chosen you, so we've already believe that you stand to risk it. You are one of the few with whom we see our inner I em>. This makes us vulnerable, but some people are worth it to risk.

4. Introverts are more valued when they listen

Listen - so show us your love. We think a lot before you start talking. So if we have something to share with you, rest assured, it's 100% true. We do not take the words easily. When we talk about something important, which means we spent a hell of a time, thinking, and made sure that his idea came true and accurate. Introverts - excellent students, and they like, when they have the same respect.

5. Being an introvert does not mean being distant in love

When you love introvert, you probably often feel as if are outside his little world. We are like in their own universe. But if you once given to understand the deep connection, you know that you'll always be a part of this universe. We rarely run the risk of people with a similar level of trust. It is no secret that we hide in our heads. We just think, reflect, scroll the life, constantly checking it. It's just part of who we are.

6. Introverts often fall in love extroverts

We admire you and envy at the same time. We are in awe of your ability to gain people and fascinate the whole room. Prior to the ease with which you communicate with strangers. This is one reason why we are so drawn to you. But it's also a little scary. We see in you those whom we will never be, and are worried that you will soon become bored with us.

7. It is better to give the introvert think about before you start to argue

We need time. We all scrolls in his head, carefully choosing his words. So just rush into battle recklessly, with introverts will come. If we try to clarify everything in place before we are ready, you will not come to an agreement with you. And if you think it over first, and then we shall discuss, you'll know exactly our position.

8. Introverts dream of understanding

We look forward to an understanding on the part of those whom we love. Sometimes we really sitting too long in their minds. Sometimes we think too much about some things, and we are not carried away there. Loving someone who understands this helps us to keep the relationship with that person. If you're interested, just ask. We very much appreciate if you notice it, pulls us, and then we are ready to leave their little world.

9. Introverts like to have fun

The fact that we do not draw energy in noisy gatherings, does not mean that we do not like to laugh and have fun. Introverts have a great sense of humor, which revealed among those people they trust. Reticence is not tediousness and boredom.

10. Introverts like to know that you are happy

We know that we are different. Well, or at least we feel that we are different from others. We do not expect everyone to be the same as we are, and rejoiced in the same things as we do. But we want to make you happy. We need to know that you are satisfied with the level of social activity, which we can not afford, and that depth, which we share with you. This is a difficult balance - to give people as much as they need, but no more than we have. We want to know what we are doing something to make you feel happy.

Not so mysterious, is not it? Introverts in many ways - the most dedicated, supportive, and peaceful people. If you are an introvert chose to share with you my life, it means that you are the one most delightful person who's worth it to risk your heart and soul. Enjoy a dip - layer by layer - into the inner depths of the person you love!

And if you're an introvert, do not be afraid to dive into a relationship with someone I enjoy being myself. Introvert and extrovert can learn a lot from each other, if you will communicate openly with love and understanding.

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