15 signs that you are an introvert, though not even know about this

Many people feel shy introverts, but it is not. Just Introverts get their energy from solitude and communicate with several people, and extroverts "charged" by large companies. Because of this misconception about shyness, many people are not even aware that are actually introverts.

Journalist Maggie Hit identified 15 signs of the "hidden" introvert, and Website has translated her article for you.

The crowds cause you stress The crowd - clearly not the most favorite place introvert. Concerts, meetings, conferences, sports arenas - that's where the introvert is not comfortable to spend time.

you are not enthusiastic about meeting new people This does not mean that you hardly make friends, sometimes just chat with new people requires you a lot of energy. When this happens, you feel drained after the most trifling conversation.

Are you good at public speaking, but not in the chatter after them What you are an introvert, does not mean that you can not keep himself in public. Just it's easier to speak to an audience than a friendly gossip with someone after that. You can say the perfect wedding toast, but it is unlikely you will be among the guests who participate in all competitions and actively hang out at the party.

You are friends with extroverts Opposites attract, right? Many introverts to extroverts are friendly, as it provides a balance between the two types of people. Sometimes introverts need to be briefly pulled out of their shell and extroverts often important to realize the benefits of a quiet evening at home.

you do not like the interview (first) In the list of favorite things introvert interviews clearly appear. However, introverts may manifest itself perfectly on them. First, you usually get nervous, but as soon as you manage to find your companion a little closer, you hit him in the heart.

You are a true friend Introverts tend to be very loyal and honest people. This is because their energy depends on internal factors and not from other people, so it is easier to be open to your friends.

Sometimes you like to do nothing Extroverts are always on the move from one thing to another, equally important for introverts quiet evening alone. If you simply "doing nothing" - is the best way to relax and rejuvenate, the more likely you are an introvert.

You did not immediately respond to a message You are not glued to my phone all the time. If you see that the message came from a friend, read and reply only when you're ready. After all, you are used to do everything at your own pace.

Your trust must be earned introvert can be difficult to find a friend who would have respected him facing a nature. So when it comes to friendship, you need more time to begin to trust the person. On the other hand, it means that you will not hurt as much as extroverts, and that your friends will be really the only ones on whom you can rely.

you're Many introverts - writers or their career one way or another connected with the written language, or they like to write for fun in his spare time. It's a way to really connect with their own "I", a kind of moral restart.

Are you polite often introvert more attentive to their surroundings and fine detail. This makes it a polite host and guest, and people are pleased to be near him.

Do you prefer to plan everything If the extrovert can go with the flow and do not make plans for the future, an introvert, this situation does not suit. Chances are you are planning any event so that everything went smoothly and without problems. Whether it comes to the campaign with friends or carrying out their orders, a good plan is a key point.

You are called wise A young introverts often called wise beyond his years. Often their behavior is assessed as mature. And who does not want to appear mature and wise?

Do you know what you like Introverts almost always know what they want. This gives certain advantages. You are open to the new, but decidedly reject everything that is considered unnecessary.

you keep balance Introverts manages to maintain a balance between time spent in solitude and communion. Introverts combine them in such a way as to obtain the maximum energy without sacrificing social activity. This balance - an excellent thing: it gives you the opportunity to have fun and work without burnout.

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