35 life lessons from Smesharikov

I used them too watched. In childhood. Years to 30. "Smeshariki" - a Russian series about a funny round creatures living in their own fantasy world. Each of them have a history of life and its own individual character. Among Smesharikov no negative characters. And "Smeshariki" remarkable in that behind the external simplicity and childish naivete of the plot hiding quite serious and even philosophical issues.

< Website I have collected some of the most outstanding examples of these fun characters giving us the real life lessons.

Childhood - is the best time in my life. It must be used wisely!

As a child, I also wanted to have a magic wand to become old as my grandmother, receiving a pension and do nothing ... well that there are no magic wands.

None of our victories are not feelings of our loved ones. They do not have to know what we are capable of madness!

It's always: for someone ballast, and for someone to treasure.

- Around damp, overcast. I have a little bit of sun. Do you have something to solar?

- Somewhere were the sundial, but without the sun, they do not work.

Humor - a complicated thing: what it is and what it is not.

What you get is not quite what you want; it turns out, and no longer want; and even did not know what you want really.

When I look at a mountain, the mountain as a mountain, nothing special. But if there put something like Tebe-NET, then Mr. mountain suddenly turns into Mr. GO-ry!

Gentlemen, first agreed to help, and then ask!

We women are fickle.

From your eyes my heart trembles like an empty fridge.

Such is the paradox: we perform feats to those before us is no longer the case, and we love those whom we need and without any exploits ...

- Inspiration can not see. It can only be felt.

- And how can it be, this feeling?

- It is when something sleepy, lazy, very heavy and very heavy as a hippopotamus, becomes light as a cloud ... and flies, fly ...

You're my harmony with his not equal! In my soul harmony singing such songs!

- How can making watches, make a time machine?

- Oh, I beg you. In experimental physics, this occurs at each step!

No! Earth can not be round! Just imagine: no elephants or turtles ... one stupid ball that dangles in space! Do not you say! Because it's not interesting!

The Hedgehog, do not you think that life has become some kind of ... some kind of common? Nothing happens! And we have long not doing anything great ...

It's all about the title! The title should be such that passion as it was interesting to find out what there is written! For example: "Rainbow-mutant"! Or: "The Last Rainbow in life" - here!

"Truth" - that's another newspaper, and our - that was not boring!

- The most rewarding experience - it does not know its character, and the character of his friend and the time to draw conclusions.

- Or feet.

- If we survive, we will all uneasy!

- And if not?

- Let's think now about the boring will not!

call me "boss" - will not go wrong!

The artist may be one and the people - nothing.

- In the old year, there are still many unfinished cases!

- But they can finish in the new year.

- And the old year, and leave undone?

The greater the difficulty, the better. In the knowledge of the nature of the difficulties.

I just look like a moose, but at heart I'm a butterfly.

In cooking may lack appetite only.

But what a life this ?! Dreams come true, and you digest them can not ...

I have a feeling that someone with a conscience no problem, in fact, and memory is all right.

Wow! All write history, and everything in his own way. If anyone ever try to understand these "historical" writings, he also goes crazy!

Beauty - a very important thing! You can live without cakes and a bicycle with a flashlight without carousels and medals for the first place, too, can live somehow. You may not believe me, but I knew a boy who managed to live even without the TV. But to live without the beauty does not. Can not ...

And it turns out that the meaning of life - is not sweet and not sleep until twelve? I had just upset ...

It is impossible to force someone to change, even if he so requests. In the end, if you're ripe, you'll be able to change and without help himself.

Or, what is the meaning to wash in the morning? To be cheerful? And what sense to be cheerful in the morning? What's the point be em> in the morning? It is not clear.

And it is unclear whether life has always been meaningless, and you just do not notice it, whether the meaning was, but somewhere lost.

And yet, probably well know that where the light is, someone could sit down and think about you.

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