How to remove the First or all psychics - charlatans.

But the main highlight of the evening was the participation in the transfer of five psychics (hereinafter referred to as charlatans), which had to determine which of the two parties depends on a cell phone and who's not. Poor people, they are, after talking with me now requires rehabilitation period, as well as the rest of the group. But first things first.
After watching a program that was supposed to take part, the producers do not hesitate to write that much crap in my life seen. I have been asked yet to come, but I did not give up, it was interesting to talk with charlatans.
At this point the story is interrupted and immediately show that the interconnection is installed from a 9-hour shooting first channel:

And here's what I can tell you as an "ordinary resident of the metropolis", which note to the creators, lives in a small town near Moscow. If you thought it was utter crap, and I'm the universal evil, you are not mistaken. That is only the tip of the iceberg. There, behind the scenes, to create such an extravaganza of fraud, incompetence, rudeness and meanness that I still cringe.
Initially shooting was to begin at 12:00, but at the last moment, they moved to 16:30. The producer asked me to bring along two friends, promising that it will end at 21:00. Friends had to comment on the interaction of charlatans with me.
As a result, people who have spent in this hell their working day just decided not to shoot. On set, surprisingly, that a camera (basic photographic equipment) can not be done simultaneously in televisions, for which they had to sit. Good first channel!
But it will be later, but the good mood we went to Ostankino TV center. We were asked not to be late, they say the light has already exhibited. And we're not too late. That is just about what the world might be involved, even if shooting in the studio area has not been determined. Lies? Oh come on it's first channel - the reservation. Naturally, the shooting started 2 hours later. Oh, this clear conveyor First Channel.
But it was time for a walk. Do you think the Ostankino TV center in looks? How Station:

At some point we were called with the words "5-minute readiness, where do you go?" And after some forty minutes before shooting. Unfortunately, the site was not firecrackers, and the heroes had to clap his hands to start. But not only did not have enough firecrackers on the set. Apparently in a hurry, the crew forgot director! (I do not know how strongly highlight that word) command "motor" gave birth to the collective intelligence consists of producers, cameramen, and writers. Good first channel!
Naturally, the absence of the main person on the court by temporary distortions and other problems. The breaks between filming scenes can be up to 60 minutes! Maybe for scenes it required some training? No! Nothing at all was not required, can be removed completely without interruption and release all at 21:00 as promised. But this is the first channel. Organizers completely reckless attitude to each participant of the process, of which there were 30. Why do people appreciate the time people? Let everyone will sit up in the morning.
But God bless him with time, and no director could not be otherwise. Just disregard pervaded the set.
I confess that whenever shooting organized my studio, I felt that we remove enough professionally. Oh, how wrong I was. I will not speak about such obvious things as a clear outline of the ongoing process. Studio takes just 10 times faster, it's not about that.
I'll tell you something else. At our shooting everyone he was fed and watered. Alternately professionals allowed to rest. At the site I have always been a special person who made sure everyone was comfortable. Yes, we sometimes go home at night, but not because of the time break. The desire to make the product even better to keep all of us. After all of our shooting people feel euphoria from the successful joint work. The output of all always smiling and hugging each other.
9 hours filming on the First Channel, despite the delay in the wild, no one has been offered even water. No guests, no camera crew. Nobody. Gradually the film set turned into a cesspool in which angry people swarmed. Keep order and no one had not occurred. Good first channel!
In general, the aura of "professionalism" permeates the Ostankino television center:

But back to the subject of the transfer. I do not think someone needs to explain that psychics do not exist, and television lie. But no TV, no psychics were not ready for my participation in the program. Man, do not hesitate to tell the truth he was in the wilderness. No kidding, they did not know what to do.
Charlatans in the face, I am pleased to say that they are charlatans. All of the magic is based on simple psychological techniques (tell about them below), to the drain film crew information, and the complete carelessness of those involved.
For the experiment of my friends came to the psychics, sitting in a secret closed zone (cafe in the lobby on the first floor) and merged them misinformation, which are happy to use. You do not have to exert any effort or, well, that is all. Ways to merge the information a million, I'm on this, even I will not stop. Follow this formally, for show.
That's what I had a conversation with one of the charlatans (Maya) during the filming:
I: Tell me honestly, you drained information?
W: How, to question them.
Ummm. Interrogate them? Interrogation? More fools of language is not being followed.
But, and the film crew and themselves psychics mother swear that no one owes nothing drains. And most importantly, the group said the man: "They use the information from the first lines of the search engine on request of my name," and the crowd always find people who will say: "This is an insult, everything is fair!" And red immediately afterwards. Moreover, it is clear that different psychics drained different members of the group. Good first channel!
Well, such a trifle. Charlatans generally consist quack clubs and merges the first participant received during the shooting, the information to their colleagues who perform the following. Therefore, the first woman (the first show in the transmission of another charlatan) was not very knowledgeable.


Naturally, I do not hesitate jiving on these clowns. Now I'm talking about and crew about the charged and charlatans. Therefore, I am very surprised that in the report I did not put mentally retarded. That was cut to 99% and left only gloomy shots where I in the first hour of the night had already begun to think of this article - is not terrible. Most of the time I was there smiling, laughing, jiving psychics and crew. It would be foolish to let it broadcast.


Naturally, I do not hesitate jiving on these clowns. Now I'm talking about and crew about the charged and charlatans. Therefore, I am very surprised that in the report I did not put mentally retarded. That was cut to 99% and left only gloomy shots where I in the first hour of the night had already begun to think of this article - is not terrible. Most of the time I was there smiling, laughing, jiving psychics and crew. It would be foolish to let it broadcast.


My favorite banter over charlatans - to give misinformation (that is, all around, including charlatans know that I am, at this moment, lying, but to do this, did not sleep myself, can not do anything):
SPIEGEL: What's your name?
I'm Victor.
W: Victor ... Victor, Victor ... ... strong name, I feel like it has affected your life.
Another W: I feel a strong blow to the back, cut glass ... Here (pointing to himself).
I am nothing of the sort.
Another W: How did like?
And so on. At the end of me is simply tore anger producers "Innocent, here are skeptics, and there are assholes».
That is what they called me, and I immediately said that their transfer to shit and play on camera, I will not - they were not embarrassed. Naturally, no thanks for taking the day my friends and I did not get. In their view call me asshole was enough. Ah, the first channel, maybe we all need to pay more taxes? Maybe you do not have enough government subsidies?
Although the girl twins (one of which participated in the program) mocked charlatans even steeper. After one of them was shot in his stage, the sister of the heroine caught up with him in the hallway and asked something else to add about her life and destiny. Flattered psychics with joy deep into the details, not noticing that they face a completely different person. As you can see, to prove that all these people obmanischiki very easily.
Despite this, they are all excellent psychologists. It is evident that in addition to the books they read on the impact and deception, they still trained in the centers to which they are attached. But they are not lucky with my participation, all those books I read, too. Just to protect themselves from these guys. Let's look at techniques that I had been noted during the transfer:
1. Attributes.
Well here is simple, the more support elements, the brighter the show. The brighter the show, the more emotion from the action. The stronger the emotion, the easier it is to believe. No wonder, the most vivid impression charlatan with a maximum number of different tools handy.
2. allegorically.
It's interesting. If the viewer sees a quack says the right things, how would that not knowing what to believe his words much more than if he just came up and said: "In the black box the other black box, and in it the egg, the egg needle and a needle rabbit. " Saying, "There's something related with the number in 1987," instead of saying, "into the phone," they do magic in the minds of viewers.
3. Definition of psycho man.
Charlatans what I saw, defined simply: extrovert / introvert. One even said quietly working to me: "Well, this a real introvert." Identify the psycho is not difficult, but the use of this information for the colossal charlatans.
If a person is an introvert, he can say that he is alone, that to protect themselves from the world, but his heart was good. If an extrovert, you can say that man is cheating, that he was too trusting. The fact is that every psycho peculiar to its own set of complexes, universal for all. Picking a good term and actively making pas hands, you can convince the viewer that quack really looks into the soul.
And after this he had any nonsense can carry. The man received the necessary proof.
4. Intimidation and flattery.
It is easy to identify on the face if the audience believes in what the charlatan has supernormal or not. Having determined this, quack selects one of the tactics to enhance the effect: intimidation or flattery.
Basically, I was flattered, I suspect that this is the main strategy for the skeptics. And I live over a hundred years in business waiting for me astonishing results, and I have a third eye opened and chakra like a saint, and the aura three cubits, and the spiritual power you can hammer nails.
But try and intimidate. Of curse I do not tell, boring. Instead, I talk about the quack, released last. Well, you know, there's always one that whoa-whoa-whoa says all right. About me, he began: "There are people from God, and there is ..." I'm surprised, "Is the Devil?". It is absolutely confident, "No, devil's up to you far».
So it is God, the Devil and I, the universal evil:)
He had not even realized that the best compliment I have not done. It is true then it is even said that I created the world, it seems greased.


5. shocks, attempted hypnosis.
This is a charlatan, this technology worked with enthusiasm, even knocking me out of the rut. If several minutes buzzing in his ear metal thicket, and then with all his strength to shout in his ear, the man throws for 5 minutes in a state of shock. During this period, it is as open to outside influences.
So, I still have 10 minutes could not understand how he knew the name of the girl's father, who was sitting beside him. And when I was approached by a friend with the words "Middle name, first name, middle name, you fool! Middle! "I could not understand what he wants from me. When I realized that it is sufficient to know the name of the person to know the name of his father, I felt very ashamed. Very.
So runs the shock that is a member of hypnosis. I suspect that there are more effective ways to influence.
6. Use of the Internet.
I decided to drive to program your name into search engines and social networks to see what information the first flies. And lo and behold, it was that information and shared one of the psychics. But hey! As well, they also do not merge! Miracle, do not say anything, they probably through space direct connection to the Internet.
7. They believe in their own abilities.
When a person is lying long, he himself begins to believe his lies. And these people are lying for decades. And their belief in themselves and felt impresses the most. Often, one is enough to gullible people carried them all the money.
Something like that. Of course, a lot more tricks, but it is important not to. Importantly, in addition to the knowledge that they have the experience kollosalny deception. Far above the average person experiences to recognize this deception.
Communicating with such people need to always keep in mind the phrase that I learned in the epigraph to this article.


The inquisitive reader might ask, "So why are you so smart, I do go there? It was clear in advance that there will be trash. " Dear inquisitive reader, shoot me, if I start to refuse to go there, where it can be fun and interesting.
I had a great time, very satisfied! But why should I not be grateful for this attraction and pour buckets of shit? In fact there are three reasons:
I was forced to lie, the party supporting the view that there are psychics. On the lie I'm allergic. And for trying, through me, I generally advertise charlatans willing to kill;
I hurt my friends. They sat just 9:00 on the court, they, unlike me, was not fun;
Psychics - enemies. Under the guise of virtue, they often rob people one last chance to rectify the situation by reasonable means. These people are capable of for profit on any meanness. They do not care that their clients later years may trample my life into the dirt. For them, trusting people promised deliverance, and not just a promise, and deception and psychological techniques persuaded magic "Prinisite money, wait».

They are wonderful actors, professional psychologists, often charming people. But all they care about is money - and for them they will go to any meanness. Are there people are worse than these charlatans? Sure! They are the ones who show them all over the country on the First Channel, proving their transfer them superpowers. Knowing thus, that there is no capacity.
- Innocent, say, "I came here to see whether psychics understand I use a cell phone or not».
- I came here to see whether the people who call themselves psychics ...
- Innocent, why are you kidding? I still mount as I should.


And so it works the first channel. Some charlatans remove other charlatans. And all this with very serious faces. Each Party shall adopt the rules of this disgusting game.
Actually, I do not rule out that my mutilated body, after this article, a week will find in the gutter. It can close the professional way, not only the authors of the program (who need such dolt?). As it so happened, that little information on the Internet, which states that all of these Costumed clowns on TV - liars, which, of course, facilitates the flow of unsuspecting people quack centers. That information, that is, admits that some charlatans liars, and others do not.
Now there is this article. How the situation will develop further, I do not know. But how well that the more I do not need to waste time on futile attempts to persuade those who already zamorochili head. Just throw the link on the text.
Look out the window. There, across the expanse of glass you look at the 21st century, where technology outperformed all mental and primitive conception of mental magic. All these psychics, witches, wizards - charlatans, even for a moment can not doubt it. That's a tiny doubt and use them to earn on your money woes.
After this story I only regret that I can not get rid of thoughts about the First Channel. And they sound like the first lines of the composition «Noize MC - From the window».




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