Informational field of the Universe exists without time, and knows everything about us

The human brain is not yet able to understand and accept much of what the universe offers us. Hundreds of scientists are struggling with the phenomena of the paranormal, but science explains a thousandth of what is happening. And the more mysterious and enigmatic phenomenon, the louder his name.

For example, Retroscope – term it is clear that this description occurred in the past without knowing about it. Proscope, Prognostics or Precognize – it predictions of events that must happen in the near future and in the distant. Dowsing – ability to locate both people and various objects. Clairvoyance – perception on the mental level what is happening in the present.

Often people with supernatural powers, are not able to explain how, where and with whose help they get the information they need.

American prophetess Jeane Dixon describes his gift: the information appears in visions, logical and complete. The visions are so detailed that they do not need to decipher. Thanks to his gift a clairvoyant has predicted the death of Marilyn Monroe, the fall of the Berlin wall, the Soviet Union launched the space satellite, and more.

Almost all the psychics begin the session with a concentration on the interest, but not yet available. Possible, so they send a request for information in the layers of the Universe, inaccessible to ordinary people.

Equally well-known psychic Edgar Cayce, who saw visions of Atlantis and a mysterious Crystal of Atlantis, argues that finds the answers in "the Akashic records".

The concept of "akasha" is derived from the ancient Indian thinkers. It is a kind of ethereal essence, which absorbs information about everything that happened or will happen in the Universe. This is a great book "the Akashic records", to read which can only be elected.

However, scientists as well as psychics new generation found another explanation of the phenomenon of clairvoyance. They inclined to the theory of global informational field of the Universe, which captures all information, regardless of its degree of importance and concerns us all.

The theory of the existence of a global information field is based on the fact that all existing on our planet have their own energy field and its corresponding radiation. So the area has a geomagnetic field, objects – magnetic, living creatures and man – aura. These emissions carry information about properties of the holder and that happened to him.

To sum all of the foregoing under the law of conservation of energy which says that nothing in the world does not disappear anywhere, and not appear out of nothing, and only passes from one state to another, andinformation about everything happening on Earth and forms a global informational field of the Universe, getting in and fixing it there forever.

The radiation coming from the global information field, the frequency of sound vibrations is similar to the internal vibrations of the human brain. Professor D. I. Dubrovsky, dedicated to the study of this phenomenon, believes that the brain is not able to accept the impulses transmitted from the information field, as their processing would be spent on 6 orders of magnitude more energy than the analysis of all the information transmitted to the internal senses.

So our brain does not "boil" from such electromagnetic bombardment, nature took care of that, providing reliable protection – hormone Serotonin. This hormone is produced by the brain for communication between different parts of the neurons, which in turn is designed to share information impulses (thoughts).

So, it is the production of serotonin, according to scientists, accompanied by a strong electromagnetic "noise" in the brain cells, which blocks the weak signal from the global information field of the Universe.

It is assumed that the psychics – clairvoyants such a brain function of "jamming" the signal for some reason is not working. In the presence of such features of brain activity percentage of probability of contact with the universal information field increases dramatically, which we observed in people with psychic abilities.

On confirmation of the theory of "serotonin jammers" worked sociologist George. Staunton. For the experiment he took the indicators 50 aviation accidents and 200 from the train. The studied variables were the indicators of the capacity of transport, the number of victims of the disaster and the number of people involved in tragic events.

The data obtained Staunton compared with similar flights taken safely. It turned out that every flight is a disaster was completed by 61%, and each of the prosperous similar flights to 76%. The difference in 15% of people with a more developed contact with the global information field of the Universe. As practice shows – this is the most common variant of contact with the universal Bank of information.

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Serotonin is mainly produced by the neurons that convey visual images from the eye to the optic nerve. Night the load on them is significantly reduced, serotonin the "noise" subsides, and domestic energy is consumed less. And the surplus goes to the processing of the analytical center of the brain obtained from the global energy-field signals. Dreams are just the consequence of such treatment.

A vision of the future, a glimpse into the past is not all phenomena, not yet disclosed by mankind. But scientists and psychics are not sitting idly by, and perhaps in the near future we will be able to give coherent answers, unravel mysteries of the Universe and our brain.published





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