10 things you need to know if you like the extrovert

Recently introverts paid too much attention: has consistently published articles on how to interact with them without damaging the fragile psyche, there are artists, musicians, writers, photographers, whose work aimed exclusively at introverts ...

< Website also I wrote a great deal about his love for introverts. So now we have decided to restore justice and to rehabilitate extroverts, transformed into popular psychology compulsive talkers with the eternal smile on his face.

1. Extroverts do not build a relationship with everyone

That's an amazing discovery number one. Yes, we can have hundreds of acquaintances, friends, people with whom you can drink a beer and a chat, but close friends almost always can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The fact that others may take for marginal and shocking revelation, in fact it is not. Most of the facts about yourself that extroverts willingly dumped in a conversation - is information held "in the public domain." We can share it safely, without fear of further spread - just because you are most likely already far not the only one to whom she is known.

This trust is deserved for a long time, tested by time and - most importantly - in return. And it is always quite fragile - it is a psycho unrelated.

2. Extroverts do not need all the time to be with your loved one

Remember those pictures where the poor, the unfortunate introvert huddled in a crystal ball, but the ugly extrovert drawn to him her arms in an attempt to shake the sufferer is likely to press him to come and sit on his ears? So, we are not freaks. We will not knock you out of fellowship and love or by crook. And we do not cleave to you tightly and begin to drag around behind him, clutching your hands, feet and teeth. We do not need it: if only because we draw energy from communicating with different people, respectively, you will never be our only contact.

Of course, we want to spend more time with loved ones. But extroverts quite imagine what it means to personal space and time. In addition - a surprising discovery number two - sometimes we like to keep quiet with loved ones. Honestly, honestly.

3. Extroverts like to listen and not just talk

Some people think that "extrovert" and "talker" - synonyms. We love to talk, it's true. But we are much more important than feedback - the reaction of the interlocutor, his opinion, his answer. Communication - not a unilateral process, and the need to talk non-stop is not fed us with energy, but on the contrary, makes deplete resources. The point of contact with the environment extrovert - a sharing and exchange implies a return on both sides.

4. An extrovert and selfish - it's not the same thing

Annoying, he never stops, always because he has a million stories about yourself - a typical view of the extrovert. Let's face it: too focused on yourself can be anyone, regardless of the psychological type. Among introverts found a huge number of friends, absolutely do not want to think about the comfort of someone other than their own. Excuse them, by the way, iron - "I'm an introvert, self-absorbed, it does not depend on me." Extroverts just have to be more attentive to others - because we constantly need to build communication. And taking care of loved one is often a priority for the extrovert.

In general, if your partner does not pay for your opinions and your comfort no attention, it does not mean that he is an extrovert or an introvert. Rather, he simply narcissistic pig.

5. Extroverts are vulnerable

Fine mental organization - not a characteristic of the introvert. Yes, more extrovert can turn a deaf ear, do not take to heart, we learn to filter the information received from other people, and leave only a significant part of it, without attaching much importance other people's emotions. But we do not have the impermeability, none of us had grown elephant skin. And for close - those with whom we have established a real relationship of trust - we are particularly vulnerable, because they are well known to our weaknesses.

6. Extroverts are introverts good

Where is it written that the extrovert and the introvert can not get along together? In contrast, opposites attract and can co-exist peacefully. Sometimes an introvert needs a shake-up and extrovert - a quiet evening with your loved. They can be ideal companions. Just sometimes each of them will need a method of "charging": introvert - privacy and extrovert - communication with other people. To build a harmonious relationship only need to understand that the world does not have to dwell on two of them. This understanding does not come out of introversion or extroversion, and from the banal common sense and mutual respect.

7. Extroverts painful experience a crisis

Unfortunately, the difficult moments in life happen at all, and if you burn an extrovert, the most nearly to the ground. The fact that we, unlike introverts, there is an inexhaustible domestic resource, which would be fueled us at a critical moment. We need to constantly look for external sources, and if the system for some reason fails, it can be painful recovery. We are not inclined to excessive soul-searching, so we do not have a lick, but when that happens, we need a lot of time, effort, and often foreign participation to get out.

8. Extroverts do not love all the people

Moreover, I tell you a secret: extroverts in general may not particularly like people. And if unfamiliar man rushes at you with open arms, it's not an extrovert, but just a strange type. Flee from it.

Extroverts like to chat. Communication - our way of life. Some of us can not stand loud parties and big companies, but spend endless hours in internet communication. And of course, we love is not all. The emergence of likes and dislikes connected with the peculiarities of character, education, common interests, and other brand variety of factors, and not a psycho.

9. An extrovert no dummy

There is a persistent myth that the rich inner world - the prerogative of introverts. This is roughly the same as attributing it a sweet taste of orange in orange. Extroversion does not prevent a person to be well-read, educated, versatile, erudite. Love to communicate and its absence - it's just part of the personality, has nothing to do with her mental and spiritual development.

10. You - especially if you have chosen the extrovert

Or an introvert. Or ambivert. In fact, every relationship - especially not to do the cult of his psycho. Not bad, if you are "armed" knowledge about the peculiarities of his partner. But even better, if you are motivated by love and a desire to care for the person. In the end, it is love in the end helps to overcome all difficulties. Proved time and millions of happy couples.

Svetlana Gorbunova,
The idea and inspiration: Anastasia Kostyugova

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