How women treat their advantages

A sad observationFrom time to time to see how women treat their merit and competence. And what kind of success they reach in sophisticated ways to support their narcissistic inferiority.

They hide your accomplishments from others.

Devalue them.

Compare yourself with others in an attempt to prove to ourselves and others that "Masha is better, and if I don't like Masha, that's all I've done is nonsense."

They refer to themselves in derogatory tone.

Advance yourself in a hurry to criticize.

I scold myself inside and out loud for any fault, folly, mistake, fault, error.

Show others how they are unhappy with themselves.

Say that they have room to grow, even if you just finished a difficult and complex project.

Put yourself in the ranks of many with the wording "never".

Protest in response to the received acceptance, respect or compliment.

Credited with your hard work and success and achievement are not assigned.

Focus on what did not work, not noticing what was done well.

Not able to recognize and assign that something done was very hard, then demanded to call and efforts, and thus testifies to the achievement.

Adopt attribute success to others "that they so well understood/accepted/appreciated".

Hide your talents. And so on...

There are things that should just stop it!!!
To ignore, to suppress, to assign. It's a skill, do not cease to repeat.


Author: Julia Pirumova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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