If every woman tried it, shops with expensive dresses would have gone bankrupt!

Sew a dress with your own hands! The real challenge, isn't it? Especially for those women who know only one thing: to sew on buttons that came off. Now for me, unfortunately…

The idea that you know now, a seductive, like a clear spring day. Peek! Say no more, I already choose the fabric.

Summer dress your rugamite need
  • square of fabric 2 x 2 m
  • marker for fabric
  • scissors

  1. Fold the square of fabric diagonally. You'll see a large triangle.
    Eighty nine million five hundred sixty four thousand five hundred seventy two

  2. Then fold this triangle in half again.
    Thirty nine million seventy five thousand seven hundred eighty six

  3. And once more!
    Seventy two million seven hundred thirty four thousand six hundred forty seven

  4. Now fold the triangle along. The scheme of folding the fabric like the process of making a paper airplane! Note the extra piece of tissue that must be cut off.
    Sixty seven million one hundred fifty nine thousand five

  5. Cut a small triangle.
    Ninety one million six hundred seven thousand eight hundred sixty three

  6. In the top corner of the triangle draw a half circle.
    Thirty one million fifty two thousand two hundred sixteen

  7. Cut the semicircle on the planned line.
    Ten million six hundred one thousand one hundred twenty one

  8. And here is the result!
    Forty three million two hundred sixty three thousand three hundred sixty two

  9. And the dress looks on the girl... just Need a belt and everything! Of course, that dress was a long and look neat, you need to neaten the edges.
    Eighty eight million seven hundred sixteen thousand five hundred seventy four

Light dress with your own hands readily! How was that result? I so wanted to do similar... inspire friends, show them a fascinating idea!

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