She is already 56 years old, but looks like woman in 30. Learn what is the secret, I clasped her hands!

How a woman looks, as much to her. And when you assess a person's age, the first attention to the face and figure. But that's not all! On an unconscious level, the person notices a lot of different nuances.

Youth lizama aunt 56 years old, but she looks 30! Many friends are very jealous of her appearance, but the reason can not understand. And it lies in a healthy spine!

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"The youthfulness of the face and of the spine: what's the connection?"you can ask. But it is, and the video! Age makes a face. And that's a fact. But the appearance is not only beautiful and glowing skin, which sometimes can hide under the elaborate makeup. However, no makeup can't hide the proportions of the face, the neck, posture and gait. But these factors are directly related to the spine.

Advertising from TV and the Internet are constantly telling us about anti-aging properties creams, fast acting serums or masks with wonderful effect. Cosmetics, of course, also do the trick, but relying only on them, you're missing the point! But what's inside, then outside!

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If you have problems with cervical spine there is a shift or compression of the intervertebral discs. It becomes a cause of disorders in the nerve endings, the circulatory system and the lymph nodes. Pass all of the head — the brain, skin, muscles... Cream and facial massage this situation is not corrected.

«Site» will familiarize you with the chain of relationship between the young person and the health condition of the spine.

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  1. Flattening of the intervertebral discs often appears with age. The neck becomes short and hypertrophied cervical flexure rather spoils the natural shape of a man.
  2. With the loss of elasticity of the discs lose their shock-absorbing abilities and begin to compress the blood vessels that come to mind. Even for a small violation of the blood supply to the brain may lead to headaches, irritability, weakness and sleep disturbance.
  3. The metabolism, and as a result, there are deep wrinkles.
  4. The condition of the cervical depends about 70 of the facial muscles! If they spasmatic, it can lead to compression of nerve fibers and the deformation of the proportions of the face, sagging skin and other signs of aging.

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As you can see, everything in the body is interconnected. Any woman looks good if healthy her back. The youthfulness of the face is hidden in the spine! Pay its due attention and support through a variety of preventive measures. Try to stop slouch when sitting or walking, and also do useful exercise.

If you want you can find a lot of simple but effective systems for the back and neck for any level of training. Stay young and beautiful for years to come! I'll go sign up for yoga classes.

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