Solar energy want to get from the moon's surface

Incident solar radiation is constantly illuminates the moon, giving the energy equivalent to 13 000 TWh. In the end, physicists have thought: and why to take part of this energy and not to build the lunar solar power station. The idea is to create and deploy the satellite Earth station that will concentrate and convert part of this solar light into electrical energy for wireless transmission to the Ground.

While this is only ideas and no ability to implement it, but for the past 40 years, a former physicist from the University of Houston David Criswell develops the concept of solar panels with an area of several hundred square kilometers to collect falling on the moon of sunlight as a sustainable source of clean electricity.

By 2050 for each of 10 billion people will need at least 2 kilowatts of electricity, which in total is 20 TVT — said Criswell.

According to him, this is almost 70 times more energy output than it was designed within the framework of the original concept of the space receiving solar energy from Earth's orbit.

And unlike low-earth orbit, the surface of the moon contains all the materials needed to create a lunar solar power system: solar batteries, electric wires to microwave generators and transmission equipment, microwave antennas, and most of the necessary equipment and materials.

Lunar solar power system can be quickly deployed and fully provide electricity to the entire United States.

Such a system, I'm sure Criswell will initially consist of ten with a width of 100 kilometers round collectors around the satellite. They will be filled microwave reflectors-sized billboards.

— Each such a framework would have guided hundreds of individual beams located on the Ground receivers of the Land or through the redirectors in the limit orbit of the Earth, — says Dr. Criswell.

Each beam can then be focused on ground-based receiving antenna several hundred meters in diameter.

Criswell according to the developed concept, the system 20 terawatts capable of producing energy at a wholesale price of 0.001 cents per kilowatt-hour. For comparison, the average American family pays about 0.12 cents per kilowatt-hour.

However, the project has many critics who insist that the lunar power plant will pass 200 gigawatts of energy is only one point on Earth where there is no need for such a huge quantity.

"Power station on the moon will deliver about 200 gigawatts in one place on Earth," told me John Mankins, President Mankins Space Technology, Inc. ". There are no markets that require that amount of energy into one big "chunk".
However, regardless of where such beamed power were to land on Earth, it can still be easily redeployed when and where needed.

Construction of the first stage, I'm sure Criswell will take not more than 10 years and will cost $ 240 billion (according to calculations from 1990) and will be able to generate 0.1 gigawatt of electricity. published


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