Bad behavior the child is to punish adults

1. Of the parent – a consequence of his own problems. But the blame for them, the adult imposes on the child.

2.Bad behavior is one of the few ways the child uses to punish an adult.

3. What parents hide most excited about the baby.

4. Injured children remain permanently attached to their parents and do not reach emotional maturity.

5. The human soul is virtually indestructible, and its ability to rise from the ashes remains as long as the body breathes.

6. People should have the right to their own true feelings and Express them.

7. For most people the idea that parents didn't love them, simply unbearable. The more evidence of dislike, the stronger people cling to the illusion that they were loved.

8. Most people just need to die (literally or symbolically, after the murder of their feelings), rather than re-experience the helplessness that they suffered as children.

9. Requirements "behave" have nothing to do with life itself. Many people these units block the path to freedom.

10.When the inner child of an adult will be free, people will discover the origins of their vitality.

11. Moralism only takes children from the right path and blocks their path to self-knowledge.The body, in the end, does not understand moral precepts.

12. Hypocrisy is a universal means of mastering human souls, including those in pedagogy.

13. A liar can not respect themselves, and those who do not respect themselves, respect others.

14. The tyrant is scarred as a child, the child who was beaten and humiliated parents. If a person is a child was allowed to feel free and strong, then he will not have the need to humiliate others.

15. Complete submission to the will of educators entails the readiness of an adult to submit completely to someone else's political will.

16.Any education is harmful.

17. The people, accustomed to remain silent, suffer from this consciously or, more often, unconsciously.

18. The attitude of the parents towards the child affects the subsequent relationship of the child to himself.

19. The inability to feel their own suffering in childhood,leads to the fact that a person may be immune to the suffering of others.

20.Adults think that living soul of the child is a danger to their power. published


@ Alice Miller, author of the book "drama of the gifted child"

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