If you change the Outlook of the person, the germs will have no chance

Man lives in a world of his imaginationRange of ideas defines what it is to lead a life, what road to choose. The circle of our understanding dictates our daily actions, determines relationships in society, relationships, view of the world. And over time, this circle of ideas becomes our destiny.

And if the person believes that the need to argue with nature, to go against her, then his whole life will resemble a rowing boat against the current, futile waste of energy.


How to choose the right way of life? As the proverb says, "If the person is not worried about the future, trouble is already on the threshold". If you have no clear goals in life, unpleasant surprises will occur with enviable regularity. Constantly have to resist to get into the fray, to sacrifice one to save another, to patch holes here and there.

And the body such a person will be there sick, there crippled. People will be rushed, harried, what kind of independence and freedom...

When I was in school, the teacher kept repeating to us: "If you don't learn to control yourself, you will manage the other".

The same can be said about health – if you don't learn to manage their disease, then the disease will control you and your life. The key point in order to eradicate the disease is our attitude. Nobody likes disease, we constantly tell ourselves "if Only I didn't ache!"

When we talk with the ill person, reassures him with the words "You will win for sure disease."

Thus, the position of "Defeat the disease" has become our worldview.

And this world makes us safely try to imagine all the possible ways and different weapons, without hesitation to rush into battle with the disease. And let the head broken and the blood river doesn't matter! Because we believe that the choice we have.

And whether disease is our enemy? Can we really win .s? When the disease is caused by bacteria and viruses, we are looking for a way to kill the bacteria. But there are so many bacteria are everywhere. All destroy virtually impossible.

But we believe that you can't get rid of bacteria because our weapons are not powerful enough, the toxicity of antimicrobials is insufficient, you need to make them even more toxic. But evil is not dormant. Germs become more tenacious and more and are less afraid of antimicrobials.

Actually, germs are the result of disease, not its cause, if not to take into account infectious diseases. The real reason for the emergence of bacteria that we have created favourable conditions for them.

In the Imperial medical manual said, "the devastating wind and sources of the disease must be avoided," that is better to prevent evil than to join him in the fight. Because this struggle will never end".

Like in a computer game, where the goal is to move to a higher level. But each level brings new and new challenges, all new interference.

If you stop and begin to destroy the obstacles, then to replace destroyed will come more new and you will never go to a new level.

And if you continue moving toward the goal, trying to evade enemies, do not pay attention to them, you will have the chance to reach a higher level. Therefore, it is important to remember that is our goal, not to run out of energy halfway through.

Some diseases not associated with bacteria

Western medicine calls these diseases nemikrobnoy vospalenie or autoimmune diseases.


Own immune cells suddenly begin to perceive the healthy cells behind the enemy and start to destroy them. As can be such an abnormal situation? Usually, this is a consequence of our unstable emotional state.

Each negative emotion corresponds to a painful syndrome:

  • Angry – there was pain in hypochondrium

  • Scared – the pain in the eyes

  • People with a tough attitude often affects the knees

  • Prone to brooding and depression often suffer from asthma

And there is headache, stomach ulcer, arthritis, lupus, eczema – each of these diseases is the cause, the corresponding mental state.

It hardly makes sense to fight to the death with the negative emotions that just need to let go, to soften, to relax.

The more you fight them, the greater the harm to the body. Because you fight with the shadow on the wall, beat on it with fists and feet. And these shadows are just a reflection of your mental state.

Here you helplessly fell to the ground, and the shadows on the wall too, like disappeared. But when you're up on your feet, they are back again. Again you rush into battle, but this battle could go on forever.

Discover the essence of the disease, understand that there is no enemy, the enemy of disease will only if you take the fight to her. She, too, will fight with you until the very end.

Do not need to give disease so much attention, it is better happily and quietly go about your own life. published


Author: Gleb Porogen

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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