Rich guy decided to test the feelings of his girlfriend...

My classmate Anton was from a very rich family. His parents bought him a cool car, gave a two-bedroom apartment in the centre on the day of birth and otherwise pampered favorite son. But Anton was a very nice guy, not conceited, behaved openly and had a wonderful sense of humor. During his studies he met Alice, who was from a very simple family. From the beginning of their relationship all tried to convince Anton that Alice is with him only for money and will certainly dump him as soon as the flow of freebies will stop.

But Anton was adamant in his feelings and the feelings of his girlfriend, so I decided to argue with a particularly zealous supporter of the version of materialism, Alice a hundred euros. Anton went to it, after calling this classmate and include a speakerphone, and told the girl:

— Alice... you Know... In General, my father decided to take my car and apartment, deprived of pocket money and inheritance! Said that I taught myself to earn a living. Have now, perhaps, I to the dormitory to move... Damn what to do now?

What Alice said to him:

Yeah! Are you kidding me? Yay! Your dad is a real good fellow. I personally tonight he will shake his hand. Not only that, now will not have to ride your fancy car and wear dresses with cosmic price, so now nobody will think I'm some whore!

Lost a hundred euros classmate gave Anton only six months when accumulated...



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