Separate food in Shelton

Herbert Shelton is a well-known U.S. nutritionist, who produced the treatment of people with fasting in his clinic. Years of experience have allowed Shelton to develop your own nutrition plan that is radically different from all known diets and allows a rapid return to normal weight and to prevent the development of many diseases. Shelton even wrote a book where he recounts the developed technique.


The technique of separation of power in Shelton

Food in Shelton implies eating only combined with other foods.


As suggested by the American nutritionist, all foods are digested in different ways and all need their own habitat. For example, for rapid absorption of carbohydrates necessary alkaline environment that is in the duodenum. And assimilation of proteins requires an acidic environment that prevails in the stomach.

When the compatibility of these two elements there is a strong burden on the body, resulting in the food hard and long to digest. She had quickly digested and absorbed into the walls of the organs, resulting in the process of decay and fermentation, which is not good for the body.

Rotten food starts to produce harmful toxic substances that contribute to the deterioration of all internal organs and systems, and lead to a slower metabolism.

All this adversely affects body mass and provokes the development of various diseases.

Cannot be combined in one taking meat or fish products with toppings, and also need to abandon the sandwiches and pastries that are composed of simple carbohydrates that contribute to the buildup of fatty tissue.

Power system Shelton is very complex and requires a deep dive into it to understand its essence. However, it is so heavy scheme led to achievement of quick results and recognition among the population.


Positive and negative sides of separation of power As you know, every medal has two sides. The power supply system according to Shelton is no exception. She also has two sides – positive and negative.

The undoubted positive feature of this power system is the General health of the organism, which is achieved by getting rid of extra pounds and harmful substances. No fermentation, no toxins! And this leads to the restoration of all internal organs and systems.

On the negative side, everything is much more complicated, because the problem is likely to arise on a psychological level. The power supply system according to Shelton is very complex and implies a rejection of many products. Moreover, it is not just a diet, which must adhere to a certain period of time. It is a way of life that must be followed throughout life. Therefore, many are unable to completely switch to this diet, because can not control their desires.

 Table a separate food according to Shelton08fb5172a9.jpg


The basics of proper nutrition Shelton:
  • you can't mix sour and sweet varieties of fruits and vegetables in one meal;
  • it is impossible to combine in one meal the protein product with acidic fruits;
  • cannot be combined in a single intake of starchy foods with protein;
  • do not combine fats and carbohydrates;
  • not combine protein foods with each other, etc.



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