Herbert Shelton: Hunger is the best dish

"For me there is no doubt that an exclusively raw vegetable diet for man is perfect"

Herbert Shelton


The motto of Natural Hygiene: "For 40 years, man is his own physician or a fool".

Shelton — a prominent American physician-hygienist, humanist and educator, author of numerous books, the largest representative of the Natural Hygiene of the 20th century, winner of several titles of honorary doctor of Sciences.


Shelton about the cause of the disease

Toxaemia is the main cause of disease.

Greed in eating produces all kinds of our ailments.

The return to health is possible only through a return to healthy eating.

Keep inner purity.

Shelton about official medicine and drugs

Artificial means of treatment have become the monopoly of businessmen from medicine.

Artificial used medicine means does not lead to health.

We are victims of tribalism medicine and drug cult (cult of drugs).

Medicine poisons man's proprietary funds.

We are not looking for warmth on the iceberg! So why look for health in poison?

The dependence of disease-causing poisons of the physician.

A person takes aspirin for the discomfort and behaves as if this discomfort is no cause.

The doctors are changing more evil for less.

Shelton on Natural Hygiene

Comprehensive improvement of the person's healing forces of nature (natural methods).

Use natural factors for cure from disease (healthy food, sun, water, air and so on).

Natural health (naturhistoriska) — the best.

Objectively existing biological laws to use for recovery.

Treatment must be approached from the standpoint of the integrity of the human body.

Samovosstanovleniya forces of the organism are driven through the creation of complex health conditions — first and foremost, proper nutrition.

We need a preventive (prophylactic) medicine.

You need to enter the temple of Nature and recover natural (God's) basis.

Only effective systemic approach to treatment.

Use the laws of self-regulation and self-medication.

Shelton about food

Eating — the process is two-pronged — nutritional-cleansing, in which food is inseparable from the purification of the body.

Natural coarse food provides 1) biomechanical cleansing 2) biochemical purification through the alkaline radicals.

Food determines our blood composition.

Any substance or food product for us or poison.

You can be an Einstein at math and suffer indigestion.

All stimulation contradict healthy eating.


Shelton about overeating

The philosophers of antiquity prided themselves on their habit of moderation.

People eat beyond their digestive powers.

Three Lunches in one day is too much.

Many people resemble a clam or worms that are constantly eating, and eating to satiety, despite the strong protests of nature.

The habit of eating unnatural foods is a major cause of overeating.

Nature does not allow excesses in food.

Helpless children are filled with food, and we cultivate in children overeating.

Gluttonous fascination with food mixtures leads to a pig-like way of living (GM).

Swallowing food without chewing leads to overeating.

Shelton on hunger and appetite

Hunger is the best dish.

Hunger expresses our needs, and appetite is desire.

Appetite is created by habit and leads to obsession with food.

The invention of new food combinations to stimulate the appetite.

Multiple menus for kick-starting the appetite.

Ever growing silent threat in the form of pies, sausages, croissants, chocolates, cheeses...

Our destiny determines our appetite.

Wild appetite is a terrible craving exhausted nervous system stimulants.

Shelton about vegetarianism

The nature of vetoes animal proteins.

Even the Eskimos eat twenty-four different types of moss and plants growing in the Arctic, including cloudberry, barberry, Veronika, reindeer moss, and others.

The simpler food mixes, the better the digestion.

Nutritionists think that is important, not the kind of food, and that if your body is "enough" food.


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Intrusive negative thoughts — WHAT to DO


We are led to a state of physiological collapse.

We make a quiet but constant leakage of vital reserves, while not going below safe limits.

Man turns himself into a walking tank.

People turn themselves into "walking bags" diseases, the miserable ruins and clumsy looking for excuses to continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. published



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