If you sleep with no clothes on, that's what happens to your body tomorrow! Even think…

Sleep is an integral part of our lives. It gives you energy, promotes good mood and is very well reflected in our appearance. But even sleeping you need to know how.

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Besides the fact that sleep is necessary to allocate 7-8 hours a day, is to abandon all kinds of pajamas and nightgowns. This allows not only to breathe your body, but also has many other physical and psychological advantages. How sleep without clothes tell you edition «Site».

How to sleep
  1. Protection from bacteria

    It would seem that the opposite is true, but sleep in the Nude prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus. It is worth noting that the sweat on your body dries rather than, for example, the pajamas.

  2. Full sleep

    Having done a lot of experiments, the scientists came to the conclusion that the Naga people are sleeping tougher than those in clothing. It violates the natural temperature regulation of the body, and because of this people often tossing and turning. It spoils the quality of sleep. Naked you'll sleep like a baby.

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  3. Restoration of the skin

    Sleep without clothes helps in the recovery process of the skin because the sebaceous glands are in full force, and the skin faster assimilate beneficial substances. Thus, it improves the speed of metabolism.

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  4. Good mood

    Interesting is the fact that the skin contact between two people causes the release of hormones love oxytocin type. This increases the sensuality of the relationship with a loved one. And yet, it reinforces feelings of trust and intimacy, and lowers the heartbeat.

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  5. Losing weight

    If you sleep naked, you will drop your cortisol levels and improve sleep. And it helps to improve metabolism. So, if you want to lose weight, give up clothes for sleep.

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Now you know that sleeping without clothes is much more useful than in it. Share useful information with friends, let them sleep will also be healthy and strong!

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