Sawed the PVC pipe, quickly took a bottle of glue... the Whole family enjoy and admire!

Plastic pipe is a versatile material that in the right hands can turn into a real work of art. We present to your attention an amazing selection of garden ideas from PVC pipe! We hope to inspire you...

What can be done of plastic pipes
  1. To create this hanging planter will need a plastic pipe, a few wooden boards and a special glue for wood.

  2. Bed from PVC pipe is a great solution to save space.

  3. Experienced gardeners have long been accustomed to use plastic pipes for growing strawberries. Every Bush under control!

  4. Using PVC pipe you can make a hydroponic setup. This system will provide you a great harvest without the use of soil.

  5. Also, many gardeners are held in high esteem vertical beds. Just imagine, you can build a real flower column!

  6. For vertical planting can be used not only pipe, but ordinary plastic bottles.

  7. Planters from PVC pipe is an excellent place of residence for houseplants.

  8. Arch of plastic pipes will adorn any garden. You can not stop on the conventional designs and to build a real tunnel!

  9. A frame made of plastic pipes is a great idea for those who have long dreamed of a greenhouse!

  10. Bonus our selection — feeder for pet birds! Now cereals and grains are not scattered all over the yard.

We are liking all these ideas! And what is the invention for the garden did you like the most? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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