15 of the photographs, all the love in the world

Sometimes one photo can tell a life story better than any words. Them emotions are just overflowing and each slays outright.

The website has collected 15 such images β€” about love in all its various manifestations.

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt said receiving television award "Emmy" a few months after his wife's death

The message of the mother of the missing son

Mother hears the heart of her dead son in the chest girls, which it was transplanted

This woman's husband has already passed away, but she still eats lunch with him every day

Saw it on your keys in the car the taxi driver

Last minutes near loyal friend

The parents of this kid made him a wheelchair part of the costume for Halloween

I was sad, and I went outside to walk a bit. When I saw this picture, I felt immediately lighter. Thank you, kind stranger!

Girl is invited to "date" a lonely old man, when he learned that he would be alone on Christmas eve. He came in his best suit and with a bouquet of flowers

An employee of the reserve next to the Rhino that fell victim to poachers

"Miss Thailand 2015" is on his knees before his mother, who all his life collected garbage to grow it

A note was found tied to balloons

This morning I sat next to this couple in a cafe. The man's name is John, his wife Linda has lost his memory and now he is learning to read, and he helps her with the alphabet. Patience, understanding and love in its purest form

The inscription on the headstone

This couple is simply adorable

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