The essence of simplicity

When the man, whoever he was, analyzes the individual causes that disturb and complicate his life, he eventually comes to one single conclusion: the biggest reason which a human being is adoption of secondary for what is really important.

Material comfort, education, freedom, civilization in General – these things are a picture frame. However, the frame is unlikely to say anything about the painting itself, as well as the robe of a monk or a military uniform of a soldier.

Imagine that the painting depicts a man who has a unique consciousness, character, will, and desires. However, we were so fascinated by the design and decoration of the frame that ignored the picture and disfigured her.

We plunged into the external benefits and completely forgot about spiritual life; we have in abundance is something without which we can easily do, but we have a limited supply of truly important things.

When what is deep within us begins to stir, feeling the need for love, desire and fulfillment, it feels buried alive – it is buried under the weight of the secondary things that oppress him and deprive light and air.

We need to free ourselves and return to true life, to put everything in proper places, and remember that the center of human progress is moral growth.

Good lamp – what is it? No, not the most refined or made from the precious metal. A good lamp that gives good light. We are people and citizens not because we produce for itself a huge amount of goods and pleasures, not because we possess an intellectual and artistic culture, not because we can enjoy the honor and independence; but because our morals strong. This is true of all time.

No one era had no such external conditions (created by a human with industry or their own knowledge), which could liberate him from the need to develop spiritually. The world around us is changing, its intellectual and material factors are different from each other; and no one is able to affect these changes, the suddenness of which is sometimes not without danger.

But the most important thing is that under all circumstances the man should remain man, live his life, to strive for goals. And no matter how hard his path to his goals, he must not lose himself in the twists and turns of life, he should not encumber his movements with useless burdens. Let him follow their own way, while maintaining honesty and integrity and devoting themselves to what's really important. Developing, it will encounter various difficulties; to solve them, he will have to make any sacrifices to get rid of unnecessary things to lighten your Luggage.

The essence of simplicity

Before considering the practical return to the simplicity of which we dream, you first need to define it and understand its essence. In relation to it people commit the same mistake, which we mentioned above: they take a secondary for the importance of substance over form. They tend to believe that simplicity has any external signs by which it can easily recognize and which is its essence. Simplicity and a low position in society, ordinary dress meat in lent dwelling, limited material resources, poverty – it seems that these things go hand in hand. However, this is not the case...

No class has the prerogative of simplicity. Inexpensive modest dress or appearance are not a constant symptom. It doesn't have to live in the attic, in the hut, the hermit's cell or hut of a fisherman. Regardless of the forms in which life manifests itself, or social status, there are people who live simply, and those who do not.

Saying this, we do not mean that simplicity does not have any visible signs, your own habits, the distinguishing tastes and ways. However, this outward manifestation, which is easy to fake. Not to be confused with the essence of simplicity and its deep internal source.

Simplicity is a state of mind. She lives in the main purpose of our life.

Man is simple when his main concern was the desire to be whatever it needs to be, that is honest and natural person.

And it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In fact, simplicity is to seek to live in accordance with the law of life, and Eternal Intention, thanks to which we exist. Let the flower be a flower, swallow – swallow, and the stone – the stone man – a man, not a Fox, a rabbit, a pig or a bird of prey: it is the essence of all matter.

So we gradually came to formulate the practical ideal of man. Our life is filled with a certain amount of matter and energy, which are associated with specific goals. Substances tend to be transformed and transported to a higher level of organization. The same applies to human life. The human ideal is to transform life into something more beautiful than it is now.

We can compare the existence of the raw material. What it is, means less than that from which it is made, since the value of the finished work of art is the revealing of the skill of the creative person. We are born with certain gifts: some receive a lot of gold, others of granite, others of marble, but most of us are either wood or clay. Our task is to give form to these substances.

We all know that even the most valuable material to mess with. However, it is also true that an inexpensive material can, in skilled hands, to turn into a masterpiece.

Art is an ongoing ideas in ephemeral form. True life is realization of the higher virtues – justice, love, truth, freedom, moral strength in everyday life, whatever they may be.

And such a life is possible in the presence of various social conditions and natural gifts. It has nothing to fortune, or personal advantages, it is rather due to our knowing, what is the value of life. The quality is much more important than fame and popularity.

Needless to say that no one will stand on this point without a fight? A spirit of simplicity is not an inherited gift, but the result of painstaking conquest... When a person takes action and gives a strict account of his deeds, he eventually comes to a better understanding of life, its basic law, which reads: "Fulfill your destiny".

  • One who pursues a different goal, it loses the meaning of life. It concerns the selfish people who are in constant search of pleasure, ambitious personalities: they consume the living; their life does not bear fruit, so it seems empty.

  • The one who, on the contrary, serves a higher purpose, saves lives, giving and giving it to others.

Moral precepts, which, if not deep in them, seem to be conditional and only spoil the taste of life, actually have the same goal – not to let us succumb to temptation and to live a life in vain. That is why they constantly return us to the same road; that is why they all have the same sense: "don't waste your life in vain! Make it so that it bear fruit".

Here summarizes the experience of mankind, and this experience, which each man must remake himself, is priceless. Illumined with the light of the person more often makes a choice in favor of morality. Now he has a means of orientation, his internal norm to which it can return whatever you want. From indecisive, confused and complicated it turns into a common man. Under the direct and continuous influence of the same law, which expands within him, and is confirmed every day, his opinions and habits become different...

Inside it is installed the necessary hierarchy of powers: important orders, secondary obedience; and out of this order is born of simplicity.

We can compare the organization of the inner life with the army. Army strong by discipline. This discipline, in turn, is respect, which show the lowest to highest rank, and the concentration of energy on achieving a single purpose: as soon as discipline is violated, the army will cover the chaos.

Don't let the corporal command the General. Carefully analyze your life and the lives of others. If you notice that something it is not, difficulties and confusion, then the corporal began to give orders to the General.If the heart is living in accordance with natural laws, that disorder can not be.

I hardly ever get to describe ease in a dignified manner. All the power in the world and all its beauty, all true joy, everything that consoles and gives hope or a beam of light that illuminates our dark path, everything that causes us to see among the dull everyday life a great goal and a boundless future, comes to us from people of simplicity, those who refused to make the object of their desires passing satisfaction of selfishness and vanity, and realized that the art of living is to know how to give and to give life.published


Based on the book by Charles Wagner's "Simple life" (1903)


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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