17 animals who have simply melted away before our eyes

Thirty six million eight hundred eighteen thousand three hundred eighty nine

According to scientists, the man on 70% consists of water. And if you look at nature, some animals and birds as if made of liquid.

Site your attention is animals that melt and melt from the tenderness, warmth and pleasant dreams.

Transformation of hamster pancake

The bird that melts in your hands

How to sleep

When stomps from the sun

Ducks Salvador Dali

When the night was wild and you're in the

The melting point is reached

The owl slowly spreads in the sun

Stuck in textures

Who spilled the hamster on the couch? Fifty seven million four hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred forty four

Help, the dog is here spread out! Fifty three million forty six thousand six hundred eight

I do exercise "Boat"

Spread from fatigue

Because all cats are liquids

How to blend into the background

You seem to have a cat stretched

How to melt with tenderness

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