16 things that are so familiar to girls of small stature

Girls small stature affectionately call tiny, they often smile and look cute prohibitive. However, there is a "small" difficulties they have to deal with every day.

The website believes that all girls are beautiful no matter what they rise. And the best way to handle an awkward situation to approach it with a slice of humor and wit.

The thing that you need is always on the top shelf

But you already know what to do

Your face every time someone puts his hand on your head

You rarely look in the mirror because it's too high

Go to the store for new jeans, but they look like this

But shortened things created especially for you

My friend asked me: "How do you get things from the upper cabinets?"

When you wear pajamas, constantly trying not to trip over

By the way, the jeans still had to buy

As you look when you're trying to do a selfie with friends

Showing pictures together, you often say, "there's a head sticking out, it's me"

Photographed generally not easy, I tell you

Can you guess which bike is mine?

Laundry service — a difficult and even dangerous undertaking

When people think that they can take you in my arms because you're "so small"

And finally, how does the stool

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