15 evidence that dogs make our lives better

Thirty eight million six hundred nine thousand four hundred thirty six

The dog is the most sincere animal and the only creature on earth that loves you more than himself. Dogs make us more mobile, often make laugh, delight, and touches even the most gloomy day.

Site leads 15 evidence that without the dog, not the life.

Dogs can not be bored 832c46db92.jpg

Because they are ready for the most insane actions afe94d2ed3.jpg

And even if you are busy they will find something to entertain 9b52f58c85.jpg

Dogs motivate us to exercise 5fbc694647.jpg

I remind you that you need to enjoy the simple things in life c7a35c00e4.jpg

Teach us not to hide their feelings c4ce273732.jpg

The dog will not let you be sad alone 0b19743a05.jpg

And to fool around alone also did not give 6bb58eb64e.jpg

The dog can make friends with anyone. Even with the cat 9db5002e23.jpg

If you have a dog, so the house is always someone waiting and genuinely enjoys meeting 0d60093380.jpg

Your dog will defend to the last

Never abandon a friend in trouble 05976ef995.jpg

And does not know how long to hold a grudge b6ac87afa5.jpg

Dogs teach us to overcome any obstacles b44b674caf.jpg

And selflessly love their man no matter what. True? Seventy six million eight hundred forty thousand four hundred sixty seven

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