10 style lessons from the best supermodels of the world

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Beauties on the runway surprised us with its spectacular outputs and unreal figures, and an impeccable sense of style. And how they manage to look so casual and fashionable 24 hours a day?

We, the editors of the Website decided to find out how you can quickly and easily make the image perfect and to look like a supermodel.

1. Preference should be given basic things

When we see pictures of supermodels outside of work, in most cases they are dressed in the most ordinary things that every one of our closets: light blue jeans and white t-shirt. Sometimes simple does not mean tasteless.

2. A win-win option — black from head to toe

Black color, as strange as it may sound, is a clear target. A great option for those who don't like spend hours to choose what to wear.In black you'll always look neat, stylish and elegant.

3. Best friends models — training shoes

For anybody not a secret that the image of the model — it's no longer the image of the beauty of 13-inch heels and with perfect styling. Now trendsetter choose comfort: from the shows they run in your favorite pair of sneakers or running shoes.And to combine them with anything — from dresses to sweat pants.

4. Another essential component of the wardrobe — the leather jacket

"Black leather jackets" does not happen a lot — choose any color and texture. The greater the variety of jackets in your wardrobe, the higher the probability of creating a stylish image for 5 minutes. And under the jacket is safe to wear any thing from basic wardrobe, whether it's a white t-shirt or classic dress.

5. Not afraid to choose clothes oversize

Deliberate negligence — a great option for those who like the combination of comfort and style. Feel free to wear a pair to your favorite jeans, sweater or shirt for size (and maybe two) more, adding to the image of your favorite accessories.

6. Find the perfect jeans for yourself

Favorite thing in the wardrobe of any modern model jeans. Usually slender beauties prefer jeans with high waist, which give expression to the hips, and draw a flat stomach. Perfectly complement the image using the crop top and rough boots.

7. Clothing in mens style confidence

Ties, men's shirts and rough shoes is perfect-confident girls. Such clothing will create a balance between feminine charm and strong character.

8. Prefer the barely there makeup

When models are not on the podium, they choose natural and not put on their faces in heavy make-up. Try to use a minimum of makeup, because the best makeup is one that is invisible.

9. To complete the image, use stylish sunglasses

Sunglasses — an indispensable accessory in Sunny weather. They always complement the look and add chic supermodel. Most importantly, choose the frame that will suit your face shape. Here you can see which glasses suit every face type.

10. Emphasize your strengths with the help of dresses and accessories

Add to the image a little hint of sparkle: elegant earrings, delicate necklace with a neat charm or a designer handbag. To look impressive at the ceremony, choose a strapless dress with a fitted top or dress with a great neckline. Note that the neckline must be combined with a longer skirtto keep the correct proportions.

Photo preview Martha Hunt, depositphotos.com

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