Stand with the feet: Exercises to start the day

Exercises for a great start to day1. Exercise "to Stand with the feet"

Do not rush to open eyes, to begin breathe in turn each nostril. You need to determine which nostril breathes better. Keep in mind that "working" head changes several times during the day, so this simple test should be carried out every morning.If the left nostril, it means you have to get up with the left foot. If the right — right.


2. Exercise "Clean sheet"

However, after determining the working nose (and feet) do not dramatically rise. The main mistake is to start immediately after waking up thinking about the is scheduled for this day Affairs. Lie down a few minutes with my eyes closed, imagining the day ahead in the form of a large leaf.Enjoy its unspoiled white — that you will write on it today, yourself creating your day and your life.

3. The exercise "Stretching the body"

Remember, before you embark, be sure to stretch. Lying on the back, remove pillows from under the head and stretch the arms, legs. Mash jaws very good (a few times to yawn).

4. Exercise "Pull legs"

Stretch your legs along the mattress. Start to pull one leg forward as if trying to make it longer than a second. Count to 60, and relax. As well pull the other leg.

5. The exercise "Stretching of the legs and back"

Lie on your back, arms along the body palms down, legs straight. Pull left heel forward (without taking away from the mattress), while the fingers pull on you. After 5 seconds relax. Repeat with the right leg.

For each leg repeat the exercise 5-7 times. The greatest effect this position gives, if at run time you focus on your tailbone.


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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