The husband furnished the whole apartment unusual things... that's what the skillful hands!

Pallets — ready semi-finished product, which can be used as a building material. Before you start making the furniture, you need to carefully handle and disinfect the pallet. After all, who knows where they previously were stored and transported.

Picking up pallets to create home furniture, look for labeling EUR or EPAL, they are of good quality and very durable. Use these tricks to decorate the interior. When my husband saw this furniture, he immediately went to work!

Ideas for interior with your own hands
  1. A rack of trays will be a perfect decoration for your hallway. Use the wood stain to achieve the rich color of dark walnut.

  2. Why buy expensive outdoor hanger when improvised possible to build an extremely functional thing!

  3. This hammock can be hung not only in the garden but right on the balcony!

  4. Also storage closet, you can build here is a large bookcase made from pallets.

  5. This elegant cover will not only help visually divide the space, but also decorate the interior.

  6. You have many Souvenirs that you brought from travels? Place them under glass makeshift coffee table.

  7. Tired of boring pots for plants? Take note of this idea!

  8. Incredibly stylish chest of drawers in the hallway. I can't believe it's made from ordinary pallets.

  9. What is your setting for the TV?

  10. A small wall with lighting will help to zone space in a small apartment.

  11. If absolutely no room for a work area...

  12. To hide the meter or boiler, you can use the locker from pallets.

  13. Elegant lamp made of wood will compliment any bedroom.

Share with your friends these ideas — they will love it! Have you ever done anything like that? Tell us about your exploits in the comments.

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