Friends laughed so much that we bought an apartment in alcoholics... But the repair hit them!

The issue of effective and functional organization of space is always acute for people when you need to build a new home or to redecorate inexpensively. Especially when the room has a small size. In addition, it should be not only practical, but it should look beautiful, but also to give a sense of comfort.

The editors of the"Site" prepared for you a compilation of 15 cool ideas for multifunctional interior. Sure, among the fantastic options you will find something for themselves.

Interior options
  1. If you have a pet, take care of his personal space. Not to take a seat in the middle of the room, you can take him to the area under the stairs.

  2. A place for entertaining or relaxing looks like an oasis in the desert. Very stylish!

  3. You can make gorgeous place to relax, if placed on a wall painting or Wallpaper with a picture of clouds, and placed on the floor lots of pillows. Perfect...

  4. If you live in the house a few kids, bunk beds is the best solution. You can save a great space that kids could play.

  5. Delightful idea for owners of cottages or private homes. In the summer you can feel in the bar and party.

  6. Often the space under the stairs empty. Why not make it a nice area?

  7. Still under the stairs you can arrange a comfortable work space.

  8. Starry sky in the bedroom — very romantic! You can safely create an alternative of stretch ceiling and small light bulbs.

  9. It is the perfect solution for a small Studio apartment. Brilliant!

  10. Doors can also be helpful.

  11. Good option for a small kitchen. Here's how you can transform the table in a table.

  12. If you do the bathroom, only one. Home health and beauty.

  13. The furniture should be spacious.

  14. To near the fireplace was really warm.

  15. Water and fire — two of the most strong elements. Just imagine what a relaxing in such a bathroom.

Here are some great ideas. In each room, no matter small or big, can make the beauty. Most importantly, clearly Express their desires and to approach the repair of creative. Now there are many high-quality and safe materialsthat mimic stone, expensive wood, velvet, marble, due to which the above ideas embody quite real.

A good and fast you repair! Share ideas with friends!

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