Husbands kill their wives! That's usually how it happens…

Today it seems that most of humanity will settle in space or will move to another planet, than people will learn to understand each other. It's very difficult! Human relations, to any, and especially the family, have become a complex subject. Couples many years married, diverge. Many young people do not even admit the idea that family can be happy, and marriage is a good event.

Taking a responsible decision to be a family, a man and a woman doing it out of love to each other. But over time, starts kind of hell... who are we fatal mistakes men destroy the family. About women also say a few words. Love is an art that need to be trained every day. If not, a couple is doomed!

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Wrong in the relationship.
  1. Attention deficit
    For any woman attention is necessary as the air! A hug, a touch, a kind word. If in the routine of household Affairs is to forget to provide each other with basic attention, you may lose the trust of your partner. He just decides that it doesn't need more, especially women. You need to be careful? Indispensably train yourself to focus, mindfulness. To live here and now, to be watchful respect for the next person.

    First of all you need to work on yourself. If the partner is not paying attention to you, perhaps the fact that he is underdeveloped and, in principle, is not capable, his world is closed and fixated on just one person — himself.
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  2. Market relations
    The main objective of modern man is to get as much benefit out of any relationship, exchange your personal resource to a resource of another person. Life has no other principles except the principles of fair exchange, has no other pleasure except the pleasure to consume! Such market relations are doomed to failure, and the people in them, to suffering. Only spiritual component able to keep people together and make them happy. The cruelty shown by people towards each other in everyday life, generated by market relations. You need to be able to give and to empathize with men this is necessary to study constantly.
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  3. Humiliating comparison
    It is very important never to compare a loved one with anyone. Comparison is one of the most humiliating manipulations, is the denial of exclusivity the person with whom you live. Not to compare, it is necessary to work hard, to follow your own words and even thoughts. If you're busy developing themselves and their human qualities, you don't come to mind to point out the shortcomings of their halves.
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  4. Deficiency of time
    Modern people are worrying, we all have one goal — a movement forward. Running we forget about what is really important! The time is something that now constantly not enough people. But the time spent together is the best nutrient medium for the relationship especially travel, interesting Hobbies. This is extremely important!
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  5. Deficit effort
    The problem of love is the problem of ability, and not the problem of the object. People think that love is simple, but to find a worthy object to love or to be loved — that is hard. Nothing of the sort! Only by working every day on yourself and the relationship, accepting the other person fully, with all possible respect and understanding, you can create a really strong Union and to know love. There can't be too much effort! They are always not enough, but how often we forget about it, relax, let go, cease to be focused on their feelings. Thus we lose love.
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There are not only mistakes men. Unfortunately, even the wisest wives allow them. What do you think about this? Share your personal experience, «Site» and all our readers will thank you!

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