Romanian photographer has showed the beauty of ordinary women around the world


Photographer from Romania Mihaela Noroc (Noroc Mihaela), which is known thanks to the project "Atlas of beauty" ("The Atlas of Beauty") is dedicated to the beauty of women around the world, continues to delight his fans with new images.

The website has prepared for you a new selection of stunning photographs which prove that there can be standards of attractiveness — beauty is unique in every woman.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 0e13a9d150.jpg

Dushanbe, Tajikistan 72537a968b.jpg

Amazon rainforest 6b1c014ef1.jpg

Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2b56a6dcdd.jpg

In Woodville, New Zealand 9ac5166d35.jpg

Wakhan corridor, Afghanistan fdd3bfe9d3.jpg

New York, USA d981aef5b3.jpg

Guangzhou, China f81496f47e.jpg

Sydney, Australia 9c073105af.jpg

Kathmandu, Nepal e8ef6a403b.jpg

England 0e87f99f24.jpg

Istanbul, Turkey 6e5b1f579e.jpg

Sinuiju, North Korea c664ddf209.jpg

Moscow, Russia 4de060b1cd.jpg

Kathmandu, Nepal 7475b28acf.jpg

Sichuan Province, China ca3c0e8351.jpg

Bucharest, Romania 9743fe323c.jpg

Stockholm, Sweden 6fd6994f26.jpg

Ecuador 87b22ec399.jpg

Lviv, Ukraine 3c33237352.jpg

Moscow, Russia 4b72b603a5.jpg

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