Narrow room: how to arrange

Most of us inherited from the "long time ago" went disproportionate, rectangular, narrow room, more like a solid corridors, rather than the full space for the arrangement of personal space.

Narrow space creates a lot of difficulties in terms of interior decoration. To create cozy room, no matter how rearrange the minimum set of furniture, quite difficult, but, nevertheless, there is always a way.


The redistribution of space


One of the most simple and quick ways of transformation narrow rooms can be considered as splitting one large space for a couple smaller, with drywall partitions. The partition itself will not take up much space, and the space gain is more or less correct configuration of square cross-section, especially if we can increase their surface area due to the demolition of the other walls.

The modern construction industry, the newest materials, colors and original design solutions specialists can dramatically change the space and narrow room without building walls. Long known that light, color, and successfully the right accessories and furniture can completely change the space. For example, a small bright sofa set across the narrow room, zoned space, separating it into two areas:

  • Dismantling the sofa, you get a full bedroom;
  • Collecting it and putting a couple of small wicker chairs and a small glass coffee table, intimate sleeping area you're turning into a cozy living room;
  • For the back of the sofa, you can easily equip an office or study place for the student, exposing the back of drawers or a normal Desk.

In addition, a room divider can serve as a high book shelf, and openwork shelves, any of the double sided fireplace or even an LCD TV on the nightstand.

Now pay attention to how you can change the space with light and color.

You should pay attention to the fact that the color palette is properly selected in each case, is able to visually expand the space. Here not to do without bold design solutions.

For example, a narrow room, whose walls are painted in bright, vibrant or pastel colors will look more voluminous.

Some interior designers use this method: transverse wall of the narrow room Wallpaper with geometric pattern, placed horizontally, and the longitudinal walls, on the contrary, pasted Wallpaper with a vertical pattern. The main thing here is to choose a Wallpaper with a similar pattern of the same type, then it will be saved the unity of space and create visibility extended room.

You can use a very popular design technique – the game of contrasts. But it is important to not "overdo it" when choosing colors, otherwise, instead of a cozy interior can turn out tasteless, cutting eyes the room.

Experienced designers in such cases, use a combination of dark and light tones of colors. Most often transverse wall coat dark tones, and longitudinal, respectively, of the light.

Sometimes used a gradient painting. When one is a darker color smoothly into the light range of the same hue or contrast. So, red, you can go to pink or cream color, warm lilac would look good with the transition to cold blue or cold pale yellow or Golden color.

Trying to transform the narrow room, use a "play of light". Correctly aimed sunlight can extend it, but the direction must be strictly horizontal.

Interestingly, light strips, located near the ceiling and directed vertically to lift the ceiling and give the impression that the room is slightly higher than it actually is.


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I hope with our advice you will be able to make their room more comfortable and beautiful. published




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