Press these points to get rid of excess weight and become younger

The expression "vanished" appeared out of nowhere. With the impact on biologically active points you can help to rid the body increased appetite, headaches, strengthen the immune system or become more beautiful. That can be done independently and it does not harm your health, we were told by an expert reflexologist Andrew Pak, a doctor who specializes in weight-loss patients using Oriental medicine repeatedly trained in clinics of South Korea and China.

Any stimulation of biologically active points possible is best done in a quiet place, eyes closed. Preferably with some nice images to you personally. By default, massaging symmetrical points on both hands with gentle, circular movements, unless stated otherwise.

So you can imagine the process more clearly, we present a photo gallery with step by step guide.


Suppress appetite

With the increased appetite associated with emotional instability or nervous overloads, first and foremost, of course, necessary to act on the root causes of the condition. But if you failed to eat on time and you fear that you will attack the food and eat more than you need, use the following guidelines:

  • Before eating drink a glass of water (it is permissible to replace the water other unsweetened non-carbonated beverage).

  • Sit up straight, then middle finger of the left hand find a point under the breast, which connect the sternum and the ribs when pressure is applied it will be a bit painful. Start stimulation — make 100 circular motions. At this time, you can look at the dish, inhale the aroma and enjoy how it looks. Train yourself to chew thoroughly at least the first 10 servings, put into your mouth, making at least 25-30 chewing movements.
 To get rid of a headache and dizziness

Causes dizziness and headache can be very different — sometimes the body sends a terrible signal to which you want to react — that is, undergo diagnostic tests.

But if you firmly believe that the blame for the change of weather, fatigue or lack of sleep, you can try to apply the following technique:

a) the safest option pads of the middle or index fingers massaging in a circular motion an imaginary line that starts between the eyebrows, passes through the forehead and scalp, and ends at the base of the skull. During the massage, you will definitely come across some painful dimples or bony prominences — pay special attention to them.

b) in the abduction of the thumb in the direction on the transition of the brush in the forearm formed a clear deepening (so-called anatomical snuff box). To stimulate this point press with the finger or thumb of the other hand.

C) Effect on this point is in most pain syndromes. To find the point Hae-GU, take the thumb out to the side. In the center of the resulting arc from the index finger to a big, attach the base of the first phalanx of the thumb of the other hand and then bend the phalanx and push the tip of the thumb. He felt discomfort or pain? If so, the required point is found.

Relax and sleep

The cause of insomnia is tense facial muscles as they relax, the man falls asleep. Work with both hands. Smoothing of the index, middle and ring fingers massage the face in circular motions, moving according to the following scheme:

  • First, from center of forehead to temples

  • Carefully moving from the nose to the temples (in the eyes of the press should be very tender).

  • From the outer corner of the eye to the scalp (movements directed upward)

  • Then move from the nose to the cheeks up and down to the chin (if you draw a schematic of the heart).

  • Then close your eyes and mentally step by step relax those muscles that have just massaged.
 Perk upto regain tone, first intense upward motion RUB the tip of each finger. Then RUB the entire surface of the auricle.

To strengthen the immune system

To enhance the protective functions of the organism vozdeistviem to the already familiar point Hae-GU. To find it take your thumb to the side. In the center of the resulting arc from the index finger to a big, attach the base of the first phalanx of the thumb of the other hand and then bend the phalanx and push the tip of the thumb.

Then bend the arm at the elbow — another we desired point is located where the ends skin fold on outer side of the arm at the elbow. Massaging it in a circular motion quite rapidly.

If you have a cough and a tickle in my throat, put your index finger on the jugular indentation in the base of the neck between the clavicle, gently press on her movements directed down and inward a few minutes.

If nasal congestion three patch of skin on the nose — so we vozdeistviem on sinus sinus.

To become younger and more beautiful

To the skin has retained elasticity, it is necessary to regularly perform special exercises. With its help, we support the facial muscles in tone, then stimulate certain acupressure points (which you can apply your favorite cream) — so it is possible to prevent the appearance of wrinkles or even eliminate existing ones.

1) inhale Deeply and quietly through your nose, hold your breath. Slowly and deeply exhale through your mouth, feeling like vibrate loose lips.

2) breathe in Deeply through your nose, hold your breath. After you inflate cheeks and thrusts push the air through the left then through the right corner of his mouth.

3) Fill mouth with air and inflate the cheeks. Roll the air inside the closed mouth, as if massaging the cheeks and lips. Follow these steps: right cheek — left cheek — upper lip — lower lip.

4) pull the air Deeply through your nose and pull your cheeks. Hold your breath. Exhale through the mouth with a fine spray.

5) Strain the neck muscles and keep them tense for a few seconds. The lower jaw is thus pushed forward. Then slowly relax.

Now that increased blood circulation in the neck and face, apply onto the fingertips a little cream (but you can do without the cream).


Light massage movements stimulate the point:

  • The point between the eyebrows (1)
  • Point at the outer corner of the eye (lightly sliding a finger in side the temple you will discover tiny depressions they are something we need) (3)
  • Symmetric points are located above and below the eyes. Focus on the pupil — the first point is located at the center of the pupil of the eye depression (4), the second in the dimple in the center above the eyebrows (2).published

Author: Andrew Pak, reflexologist


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