10 things that should NOT be in your home

In the house every man has things that he can not leave. Old vintage cups from my grandmother, a favorite pair of old sneakers, a portrait of a distant cousin, who kept just out of respect to the family tree.

But, it turns out that all things carry a particular energy. And some of them just shouldn't be in the house where the man lives.

A list of such things we offer to your attention:

1. Torn clothing or shoes, as well as those things that don't fit or is simply out of goods.

2. Glued dishes with cracks and chips. In General, all the dishes in the house represents the family way, so talking about broken crockery – all clear.

3. Broken things, broken mirrors. The most popular place for bad energy – a cluttered attic, storage room or Cabinet.


4. If someone gave you a gift that causes you discomfort for no apparent reason – do not keep it. Such a gift is donated with the evil thoughts and intentions.


5. Paintings depicted humans or animals, whose eyes are unpleasant to you.

6. Image a grinning, evil people or animals contribute to quarrels and abuse in the home.

7. Things with a bad history, which once belonged to poor people or symbolize bad things or memories.

8. Never keep in the house brought Souvenirs from exotic countries, whose stories you don't know. First and foremost, this applies to statues or symbols that could be used for magic. These things have a certain energy charge. There are Antiques of unknown owners.


9. Plants with poor energy. For example, it is believed that the eel in the house of a young girl causes unhappiness in his personal life and loneliness.

10. Furniture with sharp corners,which are aimed at your bed or favorite spot where you often rest.


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A lot of this, of course, very similar to the superstition. But, sure, this still has some truth, so better to be safe and to make their homes more “positive”.published


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