Super dad: Ryan Reynolds proved to be a brilliant humorist!

All daddies loved their daughters and willing to do everything for them. That famous actor Ryan Reynolds is not far behind: he is so fond of his little daughter James that talks about it on Twitter non-stop! The website wants to familiarize the reader with the funniest tweets Reynolds, in which he shares tips on parenting and just talks about his child!

Businessinsider.some ready to go through fire for my daughter. Well, not quite through the FIRE, that is so dangerous. But in the super humid room, I am ready to enter. Just not very humid, I have the same hairstyle

I told my daughter that the sun sets because she misbehaves. Now I'm seriously contemplating writing a book on parenting

No matter what children's book I read of his screaming daughter on the plane, the morality of each of them is the vasectomy

Being a father is one of the most wonderful feelings on Earth. Not including those amazing years I spent with the baby, of course

My daughter is only 6 months, but she draws a vengeance. Of course, I hung her drawings on the fridge, but, in secret, they it's been a nightmare

Helpful tip: Parents are very important to give yourself a little rest. No matter what you will feel guilty for the fact that you are 14 years was not at home

I yawned, and my daughter sneezed directly into my mouth. Now sitting so happy. Rzhu her to tears. Because one day she will have to arrange my funeral

My baby is traumatized in this life. "50 shades of grey" is the worst coloring book for kids!

OK, Tinder is not an app for finding babysitters. My apologies Crystal and Janine for not understanding

I watched "Cold heart" without my two year old daughter this morning. Desperation comes in many forms

This morning my daughter said "Kish" (pie), which means she's smart hungry asshole

If the alarm was an Olympic sport, I'd be really worried about the medal. Because I'd get that!

Damn, it's so hard the first time to leave their daughter alone somewhere. I almost lost it at the "Burning Man" festival

There is nothing better than to spend the morning looking into the eyes of his daughter and thinking "I could do THAT!"

I love to dress my daughter! Tiny lace pajamas. Small little white socks. Black leather mask. Just an overdose of minimisethe!



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